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  1. Anyone else have issues with the update? I installed the update and now all my toolbars are missing and I cannot get them back. Tool palette is always empty and wont load any tools.
  2. Anyone else having the problem where the software freezes at the load screen on startup? This happened to x12 for me, then I upgraded to x13 because I had not done it yet and x13 worked for about a week and a half before the problem started. Re-installing does nothing.
  3. Thanks. Turning off "Connect Island Rooms" allows me to delete these. Cheers,
  4. Hi Chiefers, I have a weird issue where I have invisible walls being generated and I cannot figure out why. They appear to be generated in the middle of two other wall sections and run through a room. They do nothing, but are very annoying and I am trying to delete them but they keep being generated. I even copy pasted the area in question to a new file, tried everything to delete them, and its still not working. It's not in the room definition, heights, roofs etc... So confused by this. Any suggestions? invis wall question.plan
  5. Chief is one of the best design software for single family homes. For larger multi family projects you want to be in Archicad / Revit / Vectorworks. Chief runs into problems with performance speeds in larger multi family projects. It is also not set up well to do copy/paste of identical units as the process generates a very large amount of errors that are time consuming to fix. In the multi family projects I have designed with Chief, we always moved to a different platform for building permit drawings.
  6. Still not working, no rhyme or reason as to why some sections change direction and some do not.
  7. Hi Chiefers, I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips about why Chief might be ignoring joist directions for floor joists and bearing lines. My software is changing the direction some times and not others, and is changing it on one floor, then ignoring all joist direction specifications on all the other floors. The project file is massive, (2 tower lowrise project) and not suitable to upload. Any tips welcome.
  8. Once again it is close, but it is still displaying a 3D drawing from the top down. It cannot seem to display doors properly which can be VERY CONFUSING for clients. See sample from Sketchup Vs Ortho - top down from Chief. Also, clicking every door and telling it to display as open in 3D still does not show it properly....
  9. Actually, as stated above this is not what I am looking for. The 3D perspective changes what is displayed, and I am specifically looking for plan view, not a 3D perspective. The results are very different, especially on large floorplans.
  10. Thanks guys for the replies. I have done this already, it achieves close to what we are looking for, but not exactly. There doesn't appear to be a plan view watercolor in chief, only the top down floor plan 3D. PS, MarkMc - Very cool plan!
  11. Hi Chiefers, Quick question. Is it possible to display plan view in the watercolor mode? So far I can only get watercolor to apply to the 3D views that chief generates. I have a sample of what I am talking about generated with Sketchup imported dwg from a chief file. Chief normal version = Sample 1, sketchup watercolor = sample 2