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  1. Yes, the version they have under that name does not even remotely match what exists here on the West Coast.
  2. Do any plant packages have the correct graphic for the "Western Red Cedar"? They only seem to have some weird incorrect variety of cedar. It's kind of bizzare that they do not have one of the most common trees on the west coast of north America.
  3. Is there a way to move the background image further away from the camera in the 3D renders? The image I have is showing the trees practically at the end of the deck and I would like them to be further away. I have tried up scaling and down scaling the image with no results. Any suggestions?
  4. This is pretty frustrating. This project was 100% complete and I was trying to send it out for rendering subcontractor today. Now its messed up just because I upgraded to x14
  5. It is on in 3d. I checked everything for layers to turn on and off. I rebuilt it a few times and even had the camera layer set turn every layer on and it still doesnt show up.
  6. Updated signature as requested, Yes I rebuilt roof framing in x14. See attached file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l22popbij52iw0e/Marine 1.plan?dl=0
  7. They are present in the roof options. See attached. They did not transfer as polyline solids, nor where they polyline solids before.
  8. Hello everyone, I recently upgraded to x14 and suddenly my custom shadow boards are missing in 3D. I cant find a layer to turn on for them in the 3D view settings and they are still physically in the plans. Any suggestions?
  9. Anyone else have issues with the update? I installed the update and now all my toolbars are missing and I cannot get them back. Tool palette is always empty and wont load any tools.
  10. Anyone else having the problem where the software freezes at the load screen on startup? This happened to x12 for me, then I upgraded to x13 because I had not done it yet and x13 worked for about a week and a half before the problem started. Re-installing does nothing.
  11. Thanks. Turning off "Connect Island Rooms" allows me to delete these. Cheers,
  12. Hi Chiefers, I have a weird issue where I have invisible walls being generated and I cannot figure out why. They appear to be generated in the middle of two other wall sections and run through a room. They do nothing, but are very annoying and I am trying to delete them but they keep being generated. I even copy pasted the area in question to a new file, tried everything to delete them, and its still not working. It's not in the room definition, heights, roofs etc... So confused by this. Any suggestions? invis wall question.plan