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  1. Doesn't Chief have a program where someone can review drawings but not change them?
  2. tracer


    switching so all four stores run the same cad software. running a trial version now to get up to speed but not real impressed. have used other autodesk products in the past and were fine but really like chief and have been running it here for 8 years. new v.p. here changing and micro-managing everything. glad only 3 years till i'm done and start my own business.
  3. tracer


    powers that be here are changing cad programs from chief to softplan. anyone have any experience good or bad with it? like chief myself so not real happy unless a better program. let me know what you think, thanks.
  4. thanks for all the help. just starting on x11, little learning curve. thanks again.
  5. what is this site? a popularity contest or an informational forum. i couldn't care less who does and doesn't like me. i have been a draftsman for 32 years the last 24 on computer and steadily employed with 3 different companies in that time period.
  6. would be nice if that had updated real world things that people use catalogs instead of screwing up what little CA has.
  7. how can i duplicate a siding color from an earlier program that is no longer available in x11??
  8. thanks kbird. wish they would fix things that need fixed and leave simple stuff alone. typical non everyday user changing what they know nothing about except the 1's and 0's.
  9. what happened to floor/reference display where you could choose a layer to be shown in floor/reference display. wish the would quit fixing what's not broke. stupid.
  10. Why fix what's not broken??
  11. Used to have a lot more like angles, angled cross hatch etc. They still around. Use for material definitions in details.
  12. What happened to all the options for polyline fill in X11?? Am I missing something??
  13. thanks all for the help. i rebuilt the foundation also but didn't help. live and learn and learn and learn. lol.
  14. Uploaded file. Left side of plan (house side) can't get floor to stay at 0. Right side (shop ok). GROSS_SCHROEDER RES 3.25.19.plan
  15. Updated video card. Still having the problem. Defaults set right but floor won't come up the 4" I need for zero entry. Called tech support and they couldn't figure out.