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  1. But that gives us an angled facia, which would not easily receive rain gutters. My first try I made the profile at the slope of the roof, and it showed up as half size. Then I rotated the drawing to horizontal to get what you see in my plan. Whatever is going on, your try did overcome the gap situation, which I believe to be related to sub facia empty space, and my not wanting sub facia, but you may not omit sub facia, just change it to 1/16". Looking forward to hearing from CA. Thank You ! J
  2. Yes. Create another layer set and call it Sketch Set, adjust layers to suit.
  3. I did send it in, so we will see. I try to show framing the way we do it here in CA (my area anyway) and we do not use sub facia anywhere. Just 2x eves and gable end "barge" rafters with shadow boards to cover roof sheathing edge (covered by rain gutter on eves)
  4. Interesting, think I will send the plan in to Chief.
  5. Very good, thank you. Trying to get this down, but my new rafter tails do not seen to want to go all the way to the backs of my eve facia. What am I missing ? Park Tree Lane.plan for Chief Forum.plan
  6. Well, lets not go overboard Link to article in Fine Home Building Mag Stepping through an outward opening door onto a dropped landing may be somewhat dangerous, but more so than say stepping into and out of a bathtub ?
  7. Finally something definitive, from Marin County CA. The entire document Code clarification ?
  8. I am mistaken about "other than a door into a garage".
  9. I know what you mean. 3.1 refers clearly to a required "egress door", and 3.2 refers to all other exterior doors. I may ask the building officials for clarification. There seems to be differing opinions on this matter.
  10. Fire fighters are indeed heroic men and women, and they saved countless buildings and lives here in Sonoma and Napa Counties during the firestorms in Oct. 2017 But Berkeley did not ban flags at the direction of their Mayor, so far as I am able to ascertain. This is what I have learned by searching and reading online https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/fireban/ Or, read below. Origins: Fire trucks in Berkeley were stripped of their American flags by order of the fire chief, but the order was temporary and was prompted by a specific safety concern. After the events of September 11, firefighters at all seven of Berkeley’s fire stations placed flags on the backs and sides of their engines to show solidarity with the missing firefighters and police officers in New York. Because a run on the supply of flags made smaller sizes difficult to obtain, firefighters used the flagpole-sized 4-by-6-foot flags the department had on hand to adorn their trucks. On September 20, in anticipation of a Stop the War rally at University of California at Berkeley’s Sproul Hall Plaza (described as “the spot where countless protests have degenerated into burn-and-pillage free-for-alls, where rally-goers loot Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue stores, upturn vehicles and set fires”) Fire Chief Reginald Garcia ordered that flags be removed from fire trucks for the day in order to avoid making them the target of violence by anti-war demonstrators: Officials said they were trying to avoid a repeat of violence that occurred during the Persian Gulf War in 1991, when demonstrators hurled rocks and bottles at city firetrucks sporting American flags. This week, the flag atop the Berkeley post office was burned in an anonymous act of protest, they said. (Garcia said that it was his command staff who issued the order without his knowledge after a meeting he did not attend, but that he “certainly didn’t rescind the order.”) The concern was that the presence of large flags on fire trucks during the Stop the War rally might create situations under which firefighters were diverted from their primary duties: “Based on past experience, these flags may be inflammatory to people and provoke them to take the flag or whatever else,” said Berkeley Assistant Fire Chief David Orth. “I don’t want a firefighter defending a flag in lieu of fighting a fire or rescuing somebody.” As things turned out, the department’s fears were unrealized: The department’s concerns appeared to have been for naught. Not one fight broke out among the 2,500 or so anti-war protesters who converged on Sproul Plaza for yesterday’s noontime rally. In fact, the greatest tension came from a counterdemonstration’s chants of “U.S.A! U.S.A!” that drowned out those speaking at the rally Origins: Fire trucks in Berkeley were stripped of their American flags by order of the fire chief, but the order was temporary and was prompted by a specific safety concern.
  11. May an exterior door that swings out, that is not the designated egress door, have a landing dropped more that 1 1/2" , other than a door into a garage ? I would like to be able to have more of a drop down at an outward swinging stacking door set.. Has anyone needed to have this clarified, and if so what was the result ? This is a link to one discussion I came across. Building Code Forum - Exterior Door Swing 0 Landings Attached is a pdf of the relevant pages from the 2016 CRC Code Page 110, 111 CRC.pdf
  12. If you check that story out, like google it, you will learn that it was not the town, but fire department officials and it had to do with keeping a low profile for the department when they needed to standby at an antiwar rally. Yours Truly, "Blind Pig" Johnson
  13. Berkeley was the first town to ban smoking in restaurants. Now the ban is most everywhere.
  14. Under one second for me too. See specifications below
  15. There are dozens here........... 3D Warehouse Collection of Spiral Staircases Some are pretty clunky, but you might find the style you want as a reference for someone to build on.
  16. Check Chief's web site for product comparisons. Product Comparisons Looks like Pro 2020 can PBR, but not raytrace
  17. Good job. I think it may be more clear on headroom if the clearance included what we used to call the tangent Tweaked version, Also, not sure 7' required at landing. Anyway, thank you for sharing the detail.
  18. Why would you want it to ? Every room gets about 6 strings.... I prefer room by room.
  19. It has been changed to a room only option. When you select a room, you will see auto int dim in the edit menu. All rooms at same time was too much.
  20. Scott, check the Cal Fire website, State Fire Marshall's Building Materials Listing Program to see if a product is approved by them. Here State Fire Marshall Building Materials Listing Program I am using IPE and have the approval from SFM 2053-0100.PDF