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  1. Hello Mr. James, I am interested in the software. Since the SSA isn't transferable would you take 1800.00 for the X-11? If so, how do we do transaction? Bill
  2. Is the X11 Premier software still for sale? If so, is the software for a Mac or P.C.?
  3. Is the software still for sale? Did you mean no SSA?
  4. Thanks to all who replied. I will download the trial version and see if I can manipulate the drawing by putting the garage and crawl space on level one, the main floor on level two. I'll build the foundation on level zero and see if I can step the crawlspace and foundation so it shows going uphill. Again, Thanks!!! Bill_n
  5. Hello fellow CA users I am thinking of buying chief Architect and have been watching videos on youtube. I'm currently using Autocad 2007., (I know, old school!) If you were to build a garage under the main structure along with a partial crawl space behind the garage, how would you draw the garage and crawl space, add the footing and then step the crawl space area? I have watched the D.S Hall videos, the Grandview Project videos, chief tutor videos and other videos on creating a foundation for a garage, but no one has addressed each on their on layers respectively. Can that be done? I wou