How can I rotate an imported decorative item (from sketchup) from laying flat to upright?


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Hopefully there is a simple solution to this: I imported a 3-d decorative item from 3-D warehouse (sketchup). It is a Pennsylvania Dutch barn hex sign. It is coming in, both plan and section or camera view, as laying flat (as if it were a rug!) I can't seem to figure out how to get it to rotate in to a vertical position so I can hang it on the wall! I have tried the rotate/replicate button, but it doesn't seem to work for this application. What do I need to do?



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Thanks Mark and Mick. Mark--When I open the item, there is no option to rotate. If I select it and click on "transform replicate", it only seems to be able to move it about the plan,  but not change the item from flat to vertical. I had the same problem with the starfish decoration that came in the bonus catalog. I can't figure out how to change it from vertical to flat!!


Mick--that is a good idea, but I can't figure out how to do that in sketch up either (though I have only a very limited experience with sketch up.


Oh well--it isn't that important. I can live without it for now!

Thanks anyway.


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If this is the object -


Then I think this is mostly an image imported into sketchup - so its 3d properties exist mainly in sketchup.  I think you'd be best off finding the image you want and import the image into CA.  Otherwise, opening Sketchup and moving this around would be the 2nd option.

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Thank you so much, Greg and MarkMc, for explaining the difference between open object and open symbol! I didn't even realize (or forgot) that there was a difference--I haven't been on Chief much lately but I am back on and am finally trying to really learn all the fine nuances. Unfortunately, my hex symbol (same one as you all found) does not seem to be rotating up to vertical even though I did click  "rotate" about Z axis 90 and clicked rotate +, and clicked "ok". All it does is move the symbol further up in the air, but it I still flat. What might I be doing wrong?

Thanks so much.

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What might I be doing wrong?

Wrong axis-note I indicated the "Y" axis looks like the X give a better 2D representation.

You will also find that the origin changes when you do that and you will want to reset it to 0 for each axis.

"rebuild block"

Second tab in symbol dbx has generate block- once you get the symbol oriented properly click that- note in last screen shot I posted there are 3 symbols on left and 3 blocks on right.


Importing and making symbols is a powerful feature in Chief. I takes some getting used to, you may want to look at the help file on the "symbol specification dialog" (the section in the reference manual too) If you're going to play with symbols much you will also want to look into stretch planes (which I find more difficult than this but necessary to learn).

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Thanks, MarkMc! Rotating about X did the trick! (I was sick, so I am just now getting back on this.) Changing the origin helped, too--I was wondering why the actual object was showing up outside the bounding box!! I really appreciate your help. I was able to play around with the colors on that sign, too, so it doesn't look quite so "garish"!

Thanks again,


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