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  1. Greg_NY61's post in How do I select all rooms on a floor to adjust their floor? was marked as the answer   
    Select a room and look on your tool bar bar for this icon, after you press the icon at the same place you will have an icon with options
  2. Greg_NY61's post in Roof Hole was marked as the answer   
    Select roof plane that you want to cut a hole in and select Create Hole tool at the bottom and make a hole in the roof where you want it and you can shape that hole any which way you want.

  3. Greg_NY61's post in How to "explode" or "ungroup" imported skp models was marked as the answer   
    You have to bring them into Sketchup and ungroup them and save as individual components and import them into sketchup one at the time.
  4. Greg_NY61's post in Funky Molding Radius was marked as the answer   
    When you create pLine  and you make your radius using Change Line to Arc Tool,  click Convert Line to pLine Tool  and set number of sides to 64 and and after that convert to molding pLine and you will have a nice smooth curve.

  5. Greg_NY61's post in Convert To Ca From Sketchup For Mac User... Please? was marked as the answer   
    Here is the converted files in DXF format.
    If you need a different format, let me know please.
    Class Room