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  1. In settings Uncheck Opaque Window Glass and that should solve that
  2. That use to be a requirement back in the days, nowadays residential code doesn't have this requirement and can be done one level since the requirement for the garage floor should be sloped. Many contractors still do a 4" rise I guess the old rule of thumb stuck with them, and so is some of the building inspectors but if you question them there is no code they can refer too.
  3. Thank you Joe! Appreciated! Have a good and safe 4th of July Weekend!
  4. around here 8' ceiling has the rough ceiling height of 92 5/8" precut stud + 1 1/2 bottom plate + 3" top double plate= 97 1/8"
  5. Rob, Thanks again, amazing what you did there! Greatly appreciated!
  6. Awesome...Thank you Rob! It worked this time...:-)
  7. Rob, I left you my email. Thank you! Mick, I thought it was on my end... I ran into the same problem, it wouldn't allow to download. I thought it
  8. This is awesome, but for some reason, I cannot get it to download....
  9. Hey Rob, I have to go out for a bit, I made you a quick one in Sketchup, see if you can use it. Custom Range Hood.calibz
  10. Upload a plan if you can, IMO this should be framed differently.
  11. What Scott told you, you show windows specifications settings in there casing is ON but look at the layers on the left they could be off and casing will not show.
  12. Check in your framing defaults under the roof to frame over sheeting
  13. Same here in Jersey its always 2x4 wall with R-15 insulation, unless it's upgraded to 2x6 wall.
  14. Any chance you have this tile collection in X13 version? Thanks!
  15. My mistake I thought it was the other way around. Just dealt with the same issue, existing mono slab with a crawlspace addition, it made no sense to have a crawlspace so we changed it to slab on-grade.
  16. In a situation like this, I wouldn't "abut" crawl space to mono slab, I would do slab on grade matching existing floor.
  17. It looks like something is off, your rim-joist looks like is offset from the plate. Post a plan, it would help to see what's going on.
  18. Go to Terrain spec window and put a check mark Hide terrain...
  19. Select a room and look on your tool bar bar for this icon, after you press the icon at the same place you will have an icon with options