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  1. Thanks so much MarkMc! Really appreciate your help. I am also making the time to learn more about making custom cabinets in CA
  2. Has anyone found this cabinet in Has anyone found this cabinet in a CA library? Or on sketchup? 4 tried searching for it but no luck
  3. Can you please remove the plan you uploaded immediately. It has all of my macros and details. this is in the purchase contract, you have to remove all macros and details if you want to share a troubleshooting plan

  4. Thanks for the info. All of the above - and my issue is mostly time to spend on learning . . . too many designs to push out. No worries. I have a very long "to learn" list that I will get through eventually. Until then some things will just have notations
  5. lol! Googling Gola cabinet will bring you some better results, but here are some pics. Although its kind of a moot point now, it determined this will be quite labor intensive in CA
  6. Thanks so much MarkMc! I'm eager to investigate this symbol to determine how you created it. So much to learn with this software but it can do soooo much!
  7. I've done a low cabinet to hide washer/ dryer with retractable doors, kind of cobbled it together, but this is more complex. I would like something that shows the custom cabinet maker more detail on what he needs to achieve. Any advice on creating a symbol with the doors open and this level of detail? Pinterest is going to be the death of me! LOL
  8. Is there a catalog in X15 for GOLA style cabinets/doors?
  9. Kbird1 - no luck with that suggestion unfortunately. I deleted and re-downloaded about a dozen catalogs last week. Now today it shows updates available. Same thing - when doing the mass "update library catalogs" it states it has updated successfully, but the little icon on the libraries does not clear. Since this appears to affect only me I will probably wait for X16 and see it that resolves as this is not a huge deal.
  10. Thanks Kbird1 - Not sure thats the issue - since right clicking each library allows the update and clearing the marker. If they were not matching up I would think this would not work either. However, I will ceertainly give it a try as I know these gremlins can have minds of their own
  11. I doubt it - I have no other issues with my PC, or any other network device, and its been this way for quite some time. It's not a huge deal, just an annoyance really so thought I would ask.
  12. Anyone else experiencing this after updating catalogs? X15 Premier - the library browser continues to show "Update available" for catalogs even after running the full catalog update successfully. The update available marker DOES clear if I right click on the individual catalog and manually update each. It just doesn't when I do the Update > Update Library Catalogs from the mail toolbar. This has been happening for quite some time - Curious !