Gap Between Foundation And Wall

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After I draw the walls and hit build foundation, when I view in camera view the foundation is there, but there is a gap between

it and the walls. How do I fix this problem?  I have just started using CX7


Sorry, not where I can send a picture today.           The wall is a standard sip, air space, and brick veneer. The foundation is 4'

tall concrete block faced with brick veneer on a 8" x 16" footing.


When I look at the plan in orthographic full overview every thing looks good except there is about a 2" gap between the foundation

and the wall all the way around. You can see through to the crawl space.


I have checked the wall specs., type definition, etc. I found an article in the knowledge base on resolving a gap between floors but

it did not help this. I know it is probably something easy I am missing.

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More details, plan or at least a picture please

We don't need a picture or a plan, we can guess...... Hmmmmmm. Do you think it is a wall def issue?

I would post a picture of what I am talking about but I will let you guess.

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OK, I'm having a similar issue.  Why are there spaces between floors?


I'm guessing you have your default floor system setup to 4" slab concrete instead of 11 7/8 framing. I'm guessing that's why the space between the first and second floor is only about 4". That's where I would look.

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