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  1. Sorry, it took me awhile to get back to this file and look up the name of the paint color. It's Benjamin Moore OC-27 Balboa Mist. Thanks for the compliment. :-)
  2. I know, right? But I guess when you live in a place where the average home price is about $1.5 million, your storage buildings have to fit right in like they belong there. :-)
  3. Hi all! I haven't shared anything here for awhile, so thought I'd post a couple of recent modeling/rendering projects -- two kitchens and a storage building. All were modeled in Chief (X9 and X10), including some of the furniture and lighting fixtures. Rendering was done in Thea, with slight post adjustments in Photoshop. The storage building was photoshopped into the client's site photo, since the Nantucket planning board was concerned about how the building would affect the local streetscape.
  4. Thanks, BPT! I think 3D has been "in" for at least 9-10 years, since that's how long ago I started my rendering business. :-) On most projects I charge by the hour, so the cost depends on how detailed/large the project is, and how much of my "beautification" work the model needs to become awesome. I give Chief users a special price break when they send me their Chief model to render. I'd be happy to provide some tutoring if you're interested. Email is the best way to reach me. Kathleen
  5. That's the problem -- it won't let me do that. I used the Shapes library cylinder and dome shapes. Do you know how to create rounded 3D shapes from polylines?
  6. I'm trying to create a podium with nice cove indentations at the corners -- like the first image below, only rounded. I thought I could do this using polyline subtraction, as shown in the second image (the pink is what I want to be subtracted). But there doesn't seem to be a way to accomplish this with the cylinder and dome shapes from the library. Any other suggestions for how to accomplish this?
  7. Hey, I just saw my name in this thread. Still using Thea for rendering Chief models and still loving it!! Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about Thea.
  8. Johnny, all modeling was done in Chief, except for some of the landscaping, and all rendering was done externally, in Thea.
  9. Hi Chiefers! I know that CA X8 has really improved its out-of-the-box rendering capabilities. But sometimes you just don't have the time or patience to fiddle around with all the nuances of producing a great -- not just OK -- rendering. That's my job!! I've been perfecting my rendering skills since 2007, and I'd be happy to turn your plans into awesome visuals. And decorating! Who has the time or interest for that? Me, that's who! I can finish your interiors to your specifications or use my own excellent taste to stage your rooms and spaces in the most appealing way. So let me know how I can help your projects really WOW. To sweeten the deal, I'll even give anyone who mentions ChiefTalk my 15% "friends-and-family" discount -- that's right, we're all family on ChiefTalk. :-) Below are a few examples of my work. Visit my website, http://castleview3d.com, to see more. Hope to hear from you soon, Kathleen kathleen.moore@castleview3d.com
  10. Thanks so much. I could indeed open this version in X8. It looked fine in plan view, but there was nothing there in 3D. And while I typically just trace over the walls etc. in a CAD plan in Chief, this one involved a bunch of custom equipment saved as CAD blocks. No way I can recreate all that. So I'll have to pass on this project. Thanks again for your help. :-)
  11. Here's DWG file that gives me the error message. This was created in AutoCAD 2016. The client also sent me the file saved as AutoCAD 2010, but I got the same error message with that one too. Let me know if you can figure out what the problem is! 3D dwg file.zip