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  1. We are seeking someone with 3D printing experience and 3D printing equipment who is capable of "making 3D models of 30-50 of our Tiny Homes. We have digital files of the various plans in different file types. If interested please respond.
  2. Just sent you a response email. Please look for my email: eddie@erhomedesigns.com.
  3. Local San Diego Design Build Company is looking to increase our design team. We will be interviewing prospective designers for a highly paid professional sales / designer position. All of the following are requirements or strongly weighted considerations: Must be a professional.... Must have a strong team spirit Must be proficient in Chief Architect... Must be proficient in residential designs... Prefer someone with "craftsman style" "Spanish style" and various other Southwestern design styles experiences Prefer someone with the ability to research codes and
  4. I'm in Ramona. I don't use Home Designer but I'm a fairly advanced user with the regular Chief Architect user. Send me a private email if you'd like to talk. Eddie@erhomedesigns.com. Eddie
  5. Not being overly cocky but I'm sure I could figure this out. But sadly, I already spend my own money in San Diego so there's not much motivation. The lunch sounds tempting though.
  6. I'm guessing you have your default floor system setup to 4" slab concrete instead of 11 7/8 framing. I'm guessing that's why the space between the first and second floor is only about 4". That's where I would look.
  7. For this particular view, I would use a floor camera from the outside instead of a perspective full overview camera. And then use the raytrace tool. Should be pretty simple. Maybe try changing the background image to one with some dusk lighting and then render it with a similar lighting. I'm just thinking out loud now.
  8. Couple things, I'm not sure why the pdf would be importing too large. The resolution thing is a fair guess, as pretty much everything in Chief is 72dpi. I was going to address the method of rescaling the plan though. The dragging from corners can be very annoying. I would use the transform replicate tool. With the pdf selected, it's like the 6th tool over from the left in the bottom toolbar. You'll have to do a little bit of math here as you will be finding the proper scale of the pdf. 1) Find a nice even measurement on your pdf. Say you have a wall that is 8' or 10' called out. 2) Now using y
  9. Random, anyone have a nice grass texture they're happy with. I've been using the same one for a while now and I'm thinking I'm not completely happy with it. Like something that's maybe a little more realistic.
  10. To be honest, if it's really an important wall (meaning it's one the homeowner will SEE) I often will just get lazy and just draw a material region over the effected wall in elevation/cross section view, like 1/16" inch thick. A lot of time it's just faster than actually taking the time to figure out what the hell I did that made the wall get messed up in the first place.