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The glass portions can simply be made with a glass roof. 


...meaning that one can use the roof tools, but for the glass areas, delete all of the structure and just leave a "skin" ( the roof surface) made out of entirely glass. 


The rafters (framing) can be constructed using the poly line solid tools.


I had a similar project. Chief can pretty much build anything that you can think of. 







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If you search in the library for Atrium, you will find these.

There are a whole lot of different sizes and shapes.

I doubt that they may be of use s they are symbols and not easily customised.

Although you may be able to make them more user friendly by adding some more stretch planes, etc.

It maybe worth a look though.



Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 9.03.56 am.jpg

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That's exactly the way I've made these in the past Eric. 


Glass walls and glass roof planes. ...It appears that you may have used default framing. 


Again, depending on the design intent, poly line solids can help customize the look. 



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27 minutes ago, Designers_Ink said:

I used the framing tools in Chief to create this one for a client a few months ago.  It was actually fairly easy with a lot of copying elements multiple times once you get the first structure member in  the model.

Pool Area 2.png

This and pretty much all of the examples here can be done with the auto framing for about 95% of the roof with no real manual framing necessary.  It’s just a matter of setting the lookout sizes rafter sizes and spanning girts if necessary etc.

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