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  1. Designers_Ink's post in Chief crashes when updating 2D elevation views was marked as the answer   
    There apparently is an issue with the 14900K and even in some cases the 13900K with the default settings on most motherboards.  When I started having issues, the first thing I did was reset all of the settings on my motherboard to the defaults hoping that would cure the issue.  I even replaced the ASUS motherboard with an MSI motherboard, but the issue persisted.  I spent many, many hours on the phone with various tech support centers to try to find a solution, as well as just trying everything I could to ensure there was not a faulty piece of hardware on the computer.  It was extremely frustrating.
    Yesterday, I was reading some gamer forums since gamers tend to spend a lot of time tweaking their systems.  I found a thread that dealt with crashes with the 14900K i9 CPU.  They were having crashes in several games when the GPU (graphics card) kicked in with a high load on the power, especially when an RTX 4090 card was in use.  They had found that the default settings for the Performance Active-Core Ratio (P-Core) on most motherboards was set to around 57x.  They suggested backing that down to 54x to resolve the issue using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility App.  
    I downloaded the software and changed each P-Core from 57x to 54x and rebooted.  After about 6 hours of continuous use and many refreshes of the plot line elevations, I have not had any crashes.  I hope this helps someone who might be having similar issues, so they don't spend an exhaustive number of hours trying to pinpoint a solution like I did.  
  2. Designers_Ink's post in No room definitions in complex plan was marked as the answer   
    You have at least one wall that is marked "No Room Definition" in the wall DBX.  Just select all of the walls and open the dialog.  There will be a dash next to that setting.  Click it until the box is empty, and you should be good.
  3. Designers_Ink's post in green bleed through slab was marked as the answer   
    Turn your sunlight down to about 300 and see if that fixes it.