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  1. Mark3D's post in How do I remove terrain running through the basement below a patio? was marked as the answer   
    Try the terrain hole tool
  2. Mark3D's post in Deck railing into exterior wall was marked as the answer   
    to start with the deck has negative ceiling height check that try that but there is still some other problem
  3. Mark3D's post in PORCH COLUMNS - Too Many Generating was marked as the answer   
    have a look at this file i lowered the porch ceiling by half inch and joined the roof plans over that corner
  4. Mark3D's post in Need help with sloping terrain please was marked as the answer   
    open this plan i have put some instructions in it to follow
    Sloping Block 2.plan
  5. Mark3D's post in full auto roof return and other roof question was marked as the answer   
    Dont no if this will cause other problem but i selected same height eaves and that got it working