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  1. VHampton's post in newel post problem was marked as the answer   
    How is that object (custom newel) being saved?
    If it's all blocked (as an architectural block)...
    Covert it to a symbol - then change the definition of the newels on the stair. 
    That secondary crown under the newel cap should stay in place. 
    Edit: Mr. T's post arrived about 30 seconds before mine. Symbol is the solution. 
  2. VHampton's post in Wall Hatch Pattern Question was marked as the answer   
    Take a 3D view. 
    Use the adjust material definition (rainbow icon).
    Dialogue box will open.
    Go to patterns. 
    That's where the grout line on the CMU block can be raised or lowered.
  3. VHampton's post in Why us the siding texture not showing up in camera view was marked as the answer   
    DB is correct as always.  The library has scalloped shingles. 
    See example.  I chose the blue and colored it yellow. Texture and color have been made to be in sync so that the blue shingles would be a taupe. 
    Or... you can find a texture by going Google images.
    Import a jpeg for bmp of your choice to a folder and save.  
    Then just change the texture for your rendered view by browsing textures and going to the saved folder. 
    Attached are examples of : A.) a colorized chief texture and B.) the imported texture option. 

    BTW... (Are you using the tool which looks like a rainbow?)
    That's the one to use for clicking on a material when the camera view is open, and for altering the properties. 
    Also... welcome to the forums. Just noted this was your 1st post. You may want to add to your signature (using X14 and computer hardware) for future help. It's sort of an unwritten protocol so that folks can be of of help in case that would assist them in troubleshooting. Many good folks here. ~ all the best. 
  4. VHampton's post in Window & Door Labels in Plan View - Show both the Schedule and Size label was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately X-13 doesn't generate the shape with the number inside (aka the callout) and the size. 
    EDIT: (In Version X-14 however, the callout and the sizes can be achieved.) 
    With X-13 ...The way to show a Door number and the door size (width x height) is to use a custom "macro" in the door's label option. See below. 
    Then ....uncheck the "Use Callout" option when the Door schedule is opened.
    Now the door number and size will appear, but not with the callout shape - meaning a circle, or square, or whatever option was selected. 


  5. VHampton's post in Color (Rendering Technique) For Floor Plan/site Plan View was marked as the answer   
    You could do a 3d view and then use the cross section slider tab to do a slice into the house (from about four feet above finished floor)
    Then go back to the 3D tab and look for view direction. Select top view.
    This will give you a plan view which can be rendered using one of the various rendering options.
    It's not exactly what you may be looking for...but close.