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  1. VHampton's post in Window & Door Labels in Plan View - Show both the Schedule and Size label was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately X-13 doesn't generate the shape with the number inside (aka the callout) and the size. 
    EDIT: (In Version X-14 however, the callout and the sizes can be achieved.) 
    With X-13 ...The way to show a Door number and the door size (width x height) is to use a custom "macro" in the door's label option. See below. 
    Then ....uncheck the "Use Callout" option when the Door schedule is opened.
    Now the door number and size will appear, but not with the callout shape - meaning a circle, or square, or whatever option was selected. 


  2. VHampton's post in Color (Rendering Technique) For Floor Plan/site Plan View was marked as the answer   
    You could do a 3d view and then use the cross section slider tab to do a slice into the house (from about four feet above finished floor)
    Then go back to the 3D tab and look for view direction. Select top view.
    This will give you a plan view which can be rendered using one of the various rendering options.
    It's not exactly what you may be looking for...but close.