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  1. Another freeze just as I opened an existing file before doing anything to it. This time I went to the Task Manager and hit End Task on the Antimalware Service Executable like last time, and again, my Chief immediately unfroze and allowed me to go back to work with no issues.
  2. The saga continues... This lock up was during a camera view. I tried closing Malwarebytes instead of ending the task in the Task Manager, and it did not work. Still frozen. I then went into the task manager and scrolled down to the "Antimalware Service Executable - Microsoft Defender Antivirus Service" which was running as a Background Process and ended it. Again, my Chief immediately unlocked and allowed me to continue. Maybe just another piece to the puzzle.
  3. I used the framing tools in Chief to create this one for a client a few months ago. It was actually fairly easy with a lot of copying elements multiple times once you get the first structure member in the model.
  4. Just had another freeze. The last time I was in plan view. This time I was on camera view. As soon as it locked up, I immediately shut down Malwarebytes, and it again immediately unfroze and let me continue working.
  5. I just had a freeze and noticed when I went to the Task Manager and closed out the Malwarebytes program which runs in the background, it instantly unfroze my Chief file and let me keep working. It is the first time I have tried this, so I will try it again to try to reproduce it when I get another freeze.
  6. I have had mine since it first came out, and I use it all the time. Worth every penny. Very easy to use, and great results, especially now that we can see through the screen in elevation views. Thanks!
  7. I started using this one that Rene Rabbitt suggested. Very clean, no business names cluttering it up like Google Maps, and really easy to just screenshot and drop into my layout. With it being black and white, it is also easy to add new streets for those projects in brand new subdivisions which are not on the map yet.
  8. Change the stem wall top to the same measurement as your floor level - 3 1/2".
  9. A collection of commercial projects we have worked on over the years. Visit us at for more information about our company.
  10. We are based in Stillwater, Oklahoma; however, we have worked with clients in 39 different states as well as Canada, the Bahamas, Northern Ireland and Angola Africa. Thanks!
  11. You probably will need to hit the tab button since the first mouse click is highlighting the stairs and not the room. Then click the Open button at the bottom of the screen to open the Room Specs dialog.
  12. I was doing good since the update, but I got one today when I changed the rendering technique on a wall elevation to watercolor for a presentation drawing.
  13. From the album: Designer's Ink Commercial Gallery

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