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  1. I have been working on some new items for my X16 library. I have attached the EV Chargers I have. I don't have them in X15, but you can download the models from the 3D Warehouse pretty easily to create your own if you don't have X16 yet. EV Chargers.calibz
  2. Here is a good source for PBR textures I found which has separate files for Normal Maps, Bump Maps, Ambient Occlusion Maps, and Roughness Maps for Chief Architect. The textures are free to download.
  3. Try lowing your sunlight level to about 1000 and see if that helps
  4. It is actually a reflection that looks like OSB. Change the material to a matte finish or change the roughness to 100% using the rainbow tool, and it goes away.
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    Just a few projects I have worked on recently.
  6. OK. We have been seeing the same issue with the Intel 14900K, but it sounds like your issue may be different. With those chips you had to back the Performance Active-Core Ratio (P-Core) down a bit to resolve the issue. When the graphics card called for more power, it cause the CPU to shut down the computer to protect it. I found the best solutions to try came from gaming forums since those guys deal a lot with high end systems and spend a lot of time tweaking things. Best of luck to you. I know it is frustrating.
  7. I have had great luck with Honeybook for my client portal. It keeps all of our communications and files in one centralized place and once you set it up with personalized templates, it make onboarding and and obtaining signed contracts a breeze. It offers invoicing, but I still use QuickBooks for that. It is not perfect, but they seem to be pumping out new features pretty often, and they are open to suggestions for improvements.