Copy and paste an entire building


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Using CA 12.


I'm a new-bee.


Made a three-story building with doors, windows, stairs. Have some stone slabs inside for 'furniture.'


Would like to copy the entire shebang and past the copy somewhere else in the plan. Placement needs to be done with precision to fit exactly where it needs to go. Can mark out the area with lines.


Can this be done. What's the best and easiest way? Will I be able to tweak the parts once it's set down?




Tzvi Black

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4 minutes ago, Chopsaw said:

Edit > Edit Area > Edit Area (All Floors)    should do it for you.

You did say copy, so...

what Chop said plus Copy and Point To Point Move

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If you don't need to do any further editing on the house, you can convert it to a symbol (from a 3D view - Tools/Symbol/Convert to Symbol) and then place it in your plan.

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