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  1. ericepv's post in Curved and multilayer soffit underneath eaves was marked as the answer   
    I did this by specifying a profile for the Frieze & Shadow Boards...

  2. ericepv's post in x15 no longer able to "reverse" an object was marked as the answer   
    Open the object DBX and in the '3D' tab, click on 'Reflect Geometry'.
  3. ericepv's post in Corner Trim Boards was marked as the answer   
    You can render it in Standard style or if you want to use Vector, just delete the upper corner board then drag the lower one up.
  4. ericepv's post in Terrain elevation was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Tea, that did the trick!
  5. ericepv's post in Round windows with lites was marked as the answer   
    Custom lites are very simple to draw, take a look at this
  6. ericepv's post in Can I open a pocket door wider? was marked as the answer   
    In the 'General' tab of DBX for your door, specify 'Percent Open" in the 'General' section.
  7. ericepv's post in Changing Cabinetry hardware positions was marked as the answer   
    Open the DBX for the cabinet and go to the 'Door/Drawer' tab, from there you can make the adjustment to the 'Door handle'.
  8. ericepv's post in What am I doing wrong with the adjust sunlight? was marked as the answer   
    I made a few adjustments:
    Camera settings - Turn off Bloom, Set Ambient Occlusion to 25%, Set lighting for 'Default Light Set'
    Rendering Techniques - In Std tab set Ambient to 0. In PBR, set 'Camera Exposure' to .15, 'Daytime backdrop Intensity' to 25.

    This should get you started. From here, you can adjust the lighting, sunlight and shadows and also work on your material properties.
    Hope this helps -Eric
  9. ericepv's post in Reflective Metallic Drape was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the tips. After much experimentation, I found that assigning a reflective material class with high reflection value works best.