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  1. I'm modelling ancient buildings and using pass-through windows with round arches, plain-Jane openings. Those days, they managed / focused lighting somewhat by shaping the window openings. Frequently, the opening / hole on the outside was smaller than the hole/ opening on the inside to let the rays of the sun expand into room that didn't have much other light sources. For the ones I am modeling, it's the reverse. The interior openings are smaller than the outer openings. Would like to make/have a special pass-through window that I can pop onto wa
  2. Thank you so much. Larry, your video was very helpful. Please tell me how you got the dialogue box to see the floor references and select them. You said that you had a bunch of references. Where can I find out more info about them and try your magic?
  3. Thanks Glen and Joey. I do not know what 'interactive floor plans' mean. All I want to do is draw the buildings, be able to see them in 3-D, take pictures, walk through them, let others walk through them. That's it. Given my short shopping list and a puffy computer, do symbols now make better sense?
  4. Thanks so much, Glenn. What do you mean by symbols not being dynamic? What would I lose? If there is a later mod then I'd just go back to the plan that had the stuff before the conversion, change it, and re-create the symbol. Right? Also, I don't have a very powerful computer. Am doing this for a special project, not to make a living from it. I saw that the more I futzed around with floors and other buildings, the more CA became fussy. Does this match your experience?
  5. Thank you very much again Chapsaw!
  6. Modeling a complex that has a set of separate buildings, some having multiple floors. Learned that once I defined Building A, which has 3 floors, and then I go onto Building B that is supposed to have two, when I select Building B and try to add a floor, the new floor is added to building A. Looking for the best approach to handle this. I have X12 and delayed upgrading to X13. Does X13 let me do this and manage multiple buildings with multiple floors? X12 has a limit of 30 floors. Does X13 have the same limit? Assuming that there is no difference for what I
  7. Thanks to all of you. CA is such a beautiful product. So much stuff in it.
  8. Using CA 12. I'm a new-bee. Made a three-story building with doors, windows, stairs. Have some stone slabs inside for 'furniture.' Would like to copy the entire shebang and past the copy somewhere else in the plan. Placement needs to be done with precision to fit exactly where it needs to go. Can mark out the area with lines. Can this be done. What's the best and easiest way? Will I be able to tweak the parts once it's set down? Thanxabunch. Tzvi Black
  9. THAT'S IT! They look like carefully crafted / hewn stones. Hope nobody else thinks that my beautiful buildings are covered by ceiling tiles. Harlan
    Blow-out designs. Spectacular.
  10. Can anybody guess what I used for the stonework in my image, above?
  11. Thanxabunch, Chopsaw and Glenn!. Glad to know that there are helpful and engaged people out there supporting this terrific product. I'm giving CA a workout by working on ancient buildings. Just wondering how it would fair if someone took on using it to build the International Space Station. Would be a great project to use for a race to see who can whip it up the fastest with all the detail. Just need a floor plan and a way to make a foundation for it. Here is a starter for the floor plan, together with a background image for an Architect that thi
  12. I've been using Designer Pro a bit and recently upgraded to X12 because of the added features and the unique requirements of this project. Didn't know the name of the feature in X12 to get me going. Your reference to p-solids and the X12 reference took me to polyline solids. This is what I needed to hear. Thank you. The video / rendition you did was beautiful. What type of texture / rocks did you do / use for the structure? Below is what I was able to hack together thanks to your tip. The corner by 'A; was fussy. Walls insisted on connecting when all I want
  13. I'm new to CA and need advice on the best way to do some things. I'm using X12, the latest version. I'm modeling ancient structures that have the following features; 1. A large courtyard surrounded by four walls. Three walls are connected and have standard doorways (two are shown for one wall in attached diagram). Fourth wall (Wall 1) touches at corner. Diagonal passageway is cut into Wall 2 at ground level. Walls extend upward and touch. What is the best way to cut out the passageway into Wall 2? 2. Wall 2 (and the other 2) have small rooms inside them. The