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Just wondering if anyone else has been receiving these inquiries.  Over the past few years I am getting emails (at least 7-8) that start off asking if I provide Architectural Drawings for residential plans.  I let them know that I am a draftsperson and give them information regarding my services.  Here are the last 2 examples.  I have pretty much just blown them off because I think it is a scam situation that is somehow trying to get my personal information and perhaps access to my financial information.  They all seem to word it about the same.    What are your thoughts?? Anyone else having similar experiences.


April 28,2020



           I am Fred .. Do you do Architectural Drawing and Designing for proposed new building also do you accept credit card for the payment?


I reply that I am a drafts person and draw plans in so many words. 


Okay I want it to be to two Story, My budget is $2,000,000. i wish to start June and spend  12-14 months 6000 sqft lot size. Six Bedroom, with 2 living rooms per suite, 2 living rooms in total. Foyer, Master suite, playroom, kitchen, kitchenette (small cooking area), laundry room and Garage. With access to the Living space from Garage (possibly a mudroom entry) Master bedroom can easily be connected to a mudroom as well so as my  bungalow plan would  you put 3-4 Bedrooms downstairs and 2 Bedrooms up. 


2nd email I received today from someone else.  This one gave an actual address. You can tell that English doesn't seem to be his native language.  Not that that is a problem as a number of my clients are from other countries and have difficulty expressing themselves in English.  We work it out with pictures and and they bring family members that speak English most times.  But when it is put together with multiple fishy emails, it gets my radar up.   


May 8, 2020

I found your contact in the Architects Directories, Do you do Architectural drawing and design planning for residential is the address of the property:10456 Mixonville Rd, Mc Kenzie, AL 36456... Do get back to me if you if this is your service area so i can forward you the details and talk about the payment plan.  Steven Flex


Again I let him know that I was a drafts person and draw residential plans and told him about my services. 


His reply:  See the similarity

Thanks for your reply. I will like to have a design for 4 Bed Rooms Double Story and i wish to start by Next Month and the timeline is 12-14 months, My budget is $1,200,000 for your Job.All Suite with One Living Rooms, Royal Master suite also I will like access to the Living room from the Garage (possibly a mudroom entry) Master bedroom can easily be connected to a mudroom as well, so as my bungalow plan would you put 2 Bedrooms downstairs, and 3 Bedrooms up I wish to meet you one on one to have a round table meeting but i'm presently out of state at the moment; I'm with my wife who’s recuperating in the Hospital from cancer and i am always by her side as she is confined to a wheel chair not to worry though my Surveyor Agent will meet you with the survey of the property and all other necessary document needed.I can make a deposit payment ASAP for you to know how fast I want this project Start, Steven
I let him know that I require his guidance on what he is looking for with perhaps a sketch or inspirational plans with pictures of what he would like and this was the response:  (it seems like someone different is writing now, to me)
how best can you help my the design i have    





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20 hours ago, DianeP said:

Thought so!!  Thanks for confirming!

I just got my first one of these this week! They also had referred to a local building site for the home which made it almost sound normal. I replied, and while I was waiting for their response, I mentioned to my family at dinner that I thought the inquiry was a scam. Sure enough. It made for a kinda fun conversation explaining that to my kids! Lots of questions!

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You can normally easy tell nigerian princes or princesses

- Dangle/speak of large amounts of money as a bling upfront. Too good to be true, really if you have 2mil hire local architect.

- Someone will be very sick or in the hospital or has cancer 

- They travel and have little time.

- Suggest a business check as the only method of payment upfront...

- Give you an address that misrepresent the property or individual.

- Have verified facebook account with a phone number traceable to some odd african nation.

- Throw a lot of details upfront but really vague on details, when you ask.

- Suggest they can only meet in two weeks when they will be back in town.

- Suggest that it is their rich uncle who will be paying.


I do not do floorplans for anyone. But encountered plenty "nigerian princes"'... One email all it takes to see right through them. 

Any above sentences, they are on my s list.  

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Mine didn’t have the typical lingo of the Nigerian prince, honestly it seemed fishy from the start but what it did make it somewhat believable was the fact that this person mentioned a lot and location.


I didn’t believe it from the start but my I thought I would answer to

bis emails and see where it would lead. Well it lead to him asking me for a bid and if I would accept credit card, when I asked for a check he declined and said he was at the hospital dealing with a back surgery and that his wife had covid-19 lol


Who in their right minds would want to design or build a home while going through that lol


the second guy it was a mixtures if emails and phone calls, long story short he wanted to build apartments in my area, he didn’t have  any land, nor did he know where to build and wanted to know how much money I was ready to invest.


Anyhow I hope this helps someone 

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