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  1. DianeP's post in 3D overview no pattern, but cross section camera has pattern was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Graham. Weird, I went to check on the setting and the 3D elevation came up right on the overview.  I don't know what made it start working correctly.... Guess it was just putting it out there to the Chief Universe.  Thanks guys for your help.  
  2. DianeP's post in NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 video card settings incorrect and causing slow rendering was marked as the answer   
    Solved called NVIDIA and the nice man helped me get everything set back to where it needed to be.  Don't know why I didn't think to do that 2 days ago.
  3. DianeP's post in columns won't show on reference layer set was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for your replies.  I figured it out.  If you zoom in really, really close to the columns the columns do appear in the reference display.  They just aren't visible like other similarly sized objects (sinks) from the normal full