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  1. Mine didn’t have the typical lingo of the Nigerian prince, honestly it seemed fishy from the start but what it did make it somewhat believable was the fact that this person mentioned a lot and location. I didn’t believe it from the start but my I thought I would answer to bis emails and see where it would lead. Well it lead to him asking me for a bid and if I would accept credit card, when I asked for a check he declined and said he was at the hospital dealing with a back surgery and that his wife had covid-19 lol Who in their right minds would want to design or build a home while going through that lol the second guy it was a mixtures if emails and phone calls, long story short he wanted to build apartments in my area, he didn’t have any land, nor did he know where to build and wanted to know how much money I was ready to invest. Anyhow I hope this helps someone
  2. I have received something very similar, twice, from two different accounts, in the past 60 days.
  3. It definitely looks good. Might be the angle then? I have found that for me PBR behaves very strange. With the camera positioned one way the materials reflection look great, facing a whole different direction the bump maps finally come out etc. I use PBR on a daily basis with clients for a quick look and clients always seem impressed especially if I invest some time to adjust lights etc. I have been using VRAY lately and I am truly enjoying it but it is a much longer process.
  4. Absolutely I agree, I asked about photoshop because I thought your furniture and grass looked very good
  5. I am assuming the PBR is photoshopped ? It is interesting that with renderings we are trying to get them as real as possible while with photography we are trying to get as detailed as possible translating into making it look like a rendering lol
  6. I wasn't aware we could do that. Thank you very much. I'll look into it.
  7. Thank you! Generally I use the reference display trace the porch with cad lines but I guess I was wondering if there was a better, easier way.
  8. I am working on a layout plan and I was wondering if there is a way to show the porches on the foundation layer (Floor 0)?
  9. Rene, Do you think you could do a short video about your technique?
  10. Yes, this makes a lot of sense. Thank you
  11. Rene I had not thought of that. Do you think I could possibly have an issue even though I only have 1 license?
  12. Rene, I lied, I already looked at it lol I couldn't wait It looks great, very very informative I really do enjoy the way you explain things and your thoughts processes are very similar to mine so for me it is easy to follow. BTW although my name has an E at the end the pronunciation is JUICE-eh'-peh
  13. Thank you Rene, I will look at it through the weekend, I am very excited BTW about the folders between my two Macs, I realized that I did not need to have two folders, at least I don't think. So I have moved everything to my iCloud folder (I have retained a copy of the originals just in case) Nowthe same files and materials that are on my iMac are also on my Macbook.
  14. Has anyone used 4k PBR textures? do they make Chief inoperable? I do realize it might depend on my machine but I was trying to gather some ideas, thank you
  15. Hahaha, not my intention at all. Rene is providing some great info and I am truly excited about it
  16. Rene, I was thinking of something small, maybe decorative. Thank you for your time and help.
  17. Here is a couple of texture I'd like to develop. If you wouldn't mind explaining the way you do it and concept behind it, or refer me to some videos, I would greatly appreciated
  18. Rene how would you prefer I share the files with you? Also in what format would you prefer them? In your video I noticed you had several levels of ambient occlusion,I believe I heard you say those are gradients, did you make those in Photoshop? and if so what criteria did you use?
  19. I do use photoshop. SO you have at least one person interested in your videos