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  1. BrownTiger's post in Manual dimension placement? was marked as the answer   
    You do not have to draw dimensions in the center of the wall, you do not have to move the dimensions, you do not have to hit corners exactly.
    If you go into edit>Defaults>Dimension>Dimensions> 
    Select your current active default e.g. "1/4 Scale Dimension Default". Choose "Setup". Notice the "Reach" setting. It control how far object has to be for dimension line to reach it.
    Change to 24". And if you do not like the GAP go to extensions, specify Gap From Marked Object 3"  and NOT the "Length Towards Marked Object "
    Draw rectangle, slightly pass the corner of your rectangle and start drawing dimension line. When you reach opposite corner notice dimension displayed number "2". Let it go.
    Chief will accurately place the dimension. Controlling reach allow you to accurately select what you want to reach. Even IF you reached something you do not want it is easy to get rid of not needed diamond.


  2. BrownTiger's post in Slow search was marked as the answer   
    That was one of my suggestions to Chief Architect team <here>. I doubt anyone wants to search on one letter only, like "e". (egress)
    Chief expects you to be a fast typer and be able to enter few letters before search executes.
    Search time depends on number of catalogs and user items you have. If you install every possible catalog it will take some time to search. Letter "e" has known frequency of "12" (over 50%)
  3. BrownTiger's post in Blocks was marked as the answer   
    Drug the block from library into your plan. Explode it immediately, prior to resizing.