Can Chief X11 make a proper tile roof gable edge?

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Getting tired of incorrect Tile Roof Gables, I've looked high and low and can't find any dialog boxes to make them look there a way to have the Trim Tile go over the edge like the pic or is this function still non-existent?  Not really in the mood to create my own!


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39 minutes ago, Chopsaw said:

Not really sure if Joe has posted his library or just talked about it as I can't seem to find it, but here is another to check.


I didn't put much effort into this but just adding a round molding to the gutter designation?


You could build a pretty simple 3d molding for the eave

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Tried the gutter but didn't work....tried creating a Tile and then slightly re-oriented it 3 degrees for proper overlap but I think I need to taper the tile so that it overlaps properly (top is fine but the front isn't)...anyone with ideas how to taper this singular tile???  Getting awfully close using the Distributed Object Tool and offsetting the object -3" from ceiling!!!


P.S. I left it concrete color for visual clarity lol!!!


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3 hours ago, Chrisb222 said:

I believe I saw a thread where Joe had a method for generating 3D tiles for not just the edge but also for the entire roof, since the flat pattern is especially fake looking. Might be worth finding that thread.

Yes he did but it's a lot of extra work.

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