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  1. Kyle, thanks for this information. I'm always watching for news and feedback re: Mac + X13. My SSA is up to date but I still haven't downloaded X13 yet as I just didn't think it would run on my system. I don't have an egpu but have looked into it in the past, now you have me thinking that will work as I had intended to get an M1 Mini this year, just wasn't sure what to expect. I would sure like to hear more about your experiences, what model of Mini you have, OS version (I assume Big Sur) and similar information from anyone else using X13 on the Mac.
  2. Darkside is right. Every time the features of X13 tempt me to switch to a PC desktop (I'm no tech novice and run CA remotely on a PC laptop) I read threads here about people having issues with video drivers, storage, and all kinds of PC problems that simply don't happen on Macs. I've watched this since I started using Macs in 1988 and my brother chose the PC route. I don't think it's nearly as bad now but he was constantly having patch, driver, and OS issues while my Macs always just... worked.
  3. Can you provide a link to that chat room? Thanks
  4. Unfortunately, line display controls for railings don't work like they do for walls I typically turn railings display off and draw cad lines to get the look I want for plan views
  5. That's what I did. Easy to flip back and forth if you add the Active Dimension Defaults Control drop-down on your toolbar.
  6. I would actually like MORE snaps for manually-placed extensions. I find myself wanting a snap I don't have ten times for every time I get frustrated over a snap I don't want. I could see a toggle for switching between "Only Snap To Default Snap Settings" or "Snap To All Snaps," because there are times when I don't want those extra snaps. (Which might make a nice Suggestion BTW.) But no I would not want to always have only the default snaps on manually-added extensions.
  7. You are correct, and if the p2p dim DID snap to something, it will move with the object like any other snapped dim
  8. I hear ya Windows not preferred, but X13 with all features is Having read every post made on this forum re: this issue, it appears that for now at least we are SOL Ugh indeed I almost bought an M1 Mini just to try it but my daughter recently got a MacBook Pro M1 laptop so next chance I get I'm going to download X13 to it and see what happens
  9. These "remembered rooms" can be very challenging and perplexing. I know I've chased a few off my lawn before. Another "thing you gotta know" I'm keeping a journal
  10. No, looks the same here. Yeah something has changed, because I haven't even downloaded X13 yet. Something changed in the viewer. Well this sucks.
  11. Preview on MacOS has an "Export" command which allows the single page you're viewing to be saved as JPEG, PNG, and a few other file types. You can also select the quality level, and the DPI (600 gets pretty good results on small text). Each page of a multi-page document would have to be exported and then re-assembled into one document. Also, the file size will most likely be much larger. But, the page is one single image with no editable text elements.
  12. MacOS here. Chief will crash for me if I try to open a Layout file from the "Open Recent Files" submenu Does not happen with Plan files Has been happening as long as I can remember, but I haven't downloaded 13 yet so... I just follow the old rule, "Don't do that!!"
  13. 001 is just a square molding profile. I use it for frieze and all kinds of stuff Once you know, just hit 001 in the search bar But yeah, that ol' "once you know," which is prevalent in the software
  14. As you expand the child folders, only those containing files that work are shown.
  15. Doesn't help you now, but I always save all install packages in a separate folder on my computer, just in case I ever want to go back
  16. I just close the new file How can something so simple be that frustrating?? I never even gave it a thought
  17. One thing that makes it a little less painful is having your polyline with hatch pattern already in place in your template plan, in your saved elevations I also have a heavy black line at the "Grade" level already in place, sloping away from the foundation wall I have to adjust the location of the slope but that's pretty easy with point-to-point move If you always have the same approx foundation exposure, then that is already set and ready to go Sloping lots / walk-out basements require a little more tweaking, but having this stuff in place in the template plan has made it bearable I would however support a Suggestion to add auto dashed lines below grade, if you made it
  18. If you want a 3 pitch I would just throw a manual roof plane on it, adjust vertical to line up with the main roof
  19. I use Arial Narrow, dimensions look exactly like #3 in Marks example, and have never had this problem Someone's not paying attention
  20. +1, I avoid 1/4" increments at all costs, except when absolutely necessary as in centerline of a 4x4 or 6x6 But the OP would have the same issue with a 1 1/2" measurement Those fonts look identical
  21. I recently completed something similar but used ceiling heights on the main floor, since there is no second floor in the house and I wanted interior camera views to be accurate So in some cases that "how do I" depends on more than just the exterior appearance, unless that's all you're after Many ways to skin that cat