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  1. Not much to choose from: There was a suggestion recently asking for more control of parametric doors. You can "fake" a center bar(s) using a glass panel style, setting the number of lites, and making the glass panes a solid material, but it's very limited:
  2. Only works if you use one of the parametric door styles, not a library symbol.
  3. Not sure exactly what you're after but deleting all layers in the Ceiling Finish DBX of the Room Specs seems to work...? Make sure you "Build Framing" and have "Framing, Roof Rafters" Layer set to display in 3D views.
  4. Do you have View > Line Weights toggled on? It may also be on one of your toolbars:
  5. In addition to what has been suggested, once you enter all of your data into the Material List, you can hit the Select All button and then the Update TO Master List (see pics). This will save all of the data you've entered into your Material List for updating to future material lists. Then when you generate a new Material List, once again hit the Select All button, then hit Update FROM Master List (the button left of Update TO Master List), and this will populate all your custom data into the fields. The Master List is program-wide and your data will be stored and available in all plans. Side note; for dimensional lumber you'll probably want to use Buy List for calculating costs, which pulls from your Saved Structural Member Reporting Defaults, and which can also contain pricing for individual lumber items that will then automatically populate into the material list.
  6. Nice video Steve. I like your Loom videos with the playback speed control. You talk slow enough that I can watch them at 1.7x and still follow along. And it's entertaining to hear you speedtalk
  7. I've been living with this because I always had to go in and change the color of the pattern lines anyway, but I made a suggestion to restore the function Michael described. I also asked for color setting in the dialog box. Fingers crossed.
  8. Could be Chief wants to deprecate the entire function?? From X14 Help (bold mine): The Edge and Pattern Line Defaults settings are included for legacy files and are not the recommended method of specifying this information. See Edge and Pattern Lines. I think that's wrong. Edge and Pattern Lines is the best way to create elevations IMO.
  9. To my knowledge, as Michael said there is no actual default setting. This used to be the case in X10, and yes it would remember the last used value, even across plans. Somewhere along the line it was removed as it no longer functions that way in X12 or X14. Not sure why they removed that but it would be good to get it back. I have never found any preference or default settings in plan or layout to change the default values. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. Yes, it saved me from the same frustration you were experiencing, not only in material selection but everywhere. Glad to help.
  11. If you turned off Auto Rebuild Roofs, it won't automatically generate. Yes, very easy to draw a manual roof plane there using Premier. I'm not sure if Interiors has that tool, I use Premier.
  12. "Smallest Fraction" settings are different for those two dimension Formats, so the program is rounding based on your settings. See your Auto Story Pole Dimension Defaults:
  13. I don't think so, not according to this PPI calculator: Michael's numbers all worked out close using this calculator, but yours do not. I'm certainly no expert on this, and no offense intended, but I didn't want any Mac users to make a purchase decision if that information is not correct.
  14. Yeah even my truss company uses a better 3D program. My homeowner clients are still impressed because they're not used to seeing anything like that, plus it's a model of their home so that's gratifying to them. Are you using a third party app?