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  1. I do. Auto attic walls have to be moved, deleted, added, extended, shortened, fixed all the time
  2. I agree. Furniture doesn't show up when under an Open To Below room either. It does in 3D (obviously) but not in plan view. I don't know, I've never been able to see anything below except stairs. If it's not an option to display all objects beneath an Open To Below room, it should be.
  3. +1 I vote to increase the beer budget by 300% Draft please
  4. The new dimension default upgrades are YUUUGE I tell ya At least for me, big time savers on every plan
  5. Thanks Funny, I was just gonna ask yesterday for multiple saved automatic exterior dimension defaults Looking forward to this upgrade!
  6. I would only ever sheath the heels if I had a crazy high heel like 24" that would be exposed and need to be covered with the exterior finish.... which rarely happens here. Trusses are made to the sheathing, which is the same as the foundation. And the floor framing. All the same dimension.
  7. Not me. We always use 7/16" sheathing and plans are dimensioned as the exterior wall being 4" or 6" That 1/16th is never gonna be an issue As a builder who (used to) frames and a plan designer, I would never introduce 1/8s or heaven forbid 1/16s into a set of plans. Holy crap, what an unnecessary PIA! Whole inch on foundation plans, with 1/2" being smallest fraction on framing plans.... 1/4" ONLY when absolutely unavoidable, and avoid those whenever possible!
  8. Walls, Hatching is a stock layer that you should be able to turn off Maybe you're trying to select the hatching. I have to tab past the wall selection to get to the hatching
  9. I drew a Room Divider inside the porch on the left, moved it to 1" from the common wall, called the room Slab and turned off Invisible Walls layer. I left the Room Name visible so you could see where it is Quick and easy, but it does throw off the automatic porch dimensions by 1" CBporchenclosure.plan
  10. Online 3D Models!! Understood and thanks for the update. Does that make me a fanboy? Eh, I don't downvote people that gripe because their gripes are legit to THEM. But for me, I just plug along and try to give a little back to this great forum.
  11. That's what I do. But just to elaborate, position the first view how you want it on the sheet, then copy that layout view. Go to the other sheet, and use Paste/Hold Position to paste the previous view exactly where it is on the previous sheet. Then, open that view and change the floor and/or the Saved Plan View or Current Default Set.
  12. Select foundation Room, open spec and go to Structure tab Do this for every room in the foundation You can also select the individual wall in 3D or elevation, drag down using drag-tab, enter 4" and repeat for each wall
  13. Use alt or control key, whatever it is on PC to drag them into place in plan view. Command key on Mac Might have to make them shorter then drag out to the side walls
  14. Okay this conversation has revealed some obscure techniques, thank you to all for sharing It just reinforces my desire, though, to have Fill settings on ALDO so we can control line and fill colors independently, on a per-layer basis Made a Suggestion about it a while back which included Arrows but Fill would be much more useful for me: