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  1. Chrisb222

    Saved Plan View with Default Set

    Oh, ok, of course, I figured that went without saying. As you can see from my pics, I have specific SPV, specific layer sets, specific anno (default) sets, and specific dimension defaults. It's pretty anal but I have to do that to maintain a bare minimum sanity.
  2. Chrisb222

    Saved Plan View with Default Set

    I think so but maybe not. What am I doing wrong? And please don't change my post, just write your own message. That makes it really hard to know what I said and what you're saying.
  3. Chrisb222

    How to create life-like grass?

    The above is what I do. I have seamless shingles and seamless grass I downloaded from a texture website. Just do a search for online textures, there are tons. I have also made my own seamless brick from a photograph of a brick house where I wanted to use the same brick. Turned out great.
  4. Chrisb222

    Saved Plan View with Default Set

    You're welcome. Most of my saved plan views have their own specific layer set, default set, dimension default, dimension layer, text layer, and CAD layer. That way I only display what I want for each view. It gets confusing sometimes but it's nice to flip between views and draw, type, or dimension and have everything ... just work. Some people say default sets are unnecessary now but I still use them to help make sure I don't accidentally screw something up. I keep everything separate and discrete.
  5. Chrisb222

    Saved Plan View with Default Set

    That is set in Drawing Sheet Setup and applies to the entire plan. Right now there is only one scale for the plan, but can be controlled when sending to layout. You can, however automatically change the text size and dimension text size, among other things, using SPV and layer settings. There was a recent Suggestion to have control over scale within the SPV, however I'm not sure that could work, or is better than controlling it when sending to layout.
  6. Chrisb222

    Saved Plan View with Default Set

    That's your problem. The Saved Dimension has the layer it is assigned to saved in its settings. That dimension will appear on that layer. Which means you will want to create a specific dimension default for a specific saved plan view, and a specific layer for that dimension default to reside on. I have probably a dozen or so dimension defaults for various saved plan views, and a dozen or so dimension LAYERS, one for each dimension default (in addition to the standard Automatic and Manual dimension layers), so I can control where and when each dimension shows up. That's how the program is designed, so you can create multiple dimension defaults and have them ONLY display on the specified view, by using layer settings. You can use the dimension on multiple Saved Plan Views, but if you want to restrict a dimension to ONLY certain SPVs, then yes you need a unique dimension default for that, AND a unique layer. Here's an example from my template: Whenever I draw dimensions on any SPV, they appear on that view as specified, but only on that view. When I switch views, those dims go away and the ones for that view appear. Some dim defaults can be used on multiple views if they share attributes where it makes sense. As you can see in the second screen shot, my Floor Framing view uses "Stair Opening Dims" which are also used on the stair opening SPV because in my setup, it works for both. Notice the LAYER setting for this dim default: Many other things are also set specifically for the SPV. Text size and color, CAD defaults, layer settings, all which are specific for the view. There is a lot of power in SPVs and layer settings that takes some time to wrap your mind around. I'm still wrapping.
  7. I still use RT exclusively for better renders. Like you, I find PBR too much trouble to learn for inferior results. Having said that, yes it's frustrating to spend a lot of time on a lousy RT. My way of dealing with this is to set the Image Size to something very small, say 300~400 pixels wide, and turn off Photon Mapping. This gives me a light study in just a few seconds. Then tweak, reshoot, until I get it to look right, then change the Image Size back to Use Active Window Size, or whatever resolution you want, and turn Photon Mapping back on. Then start the final RT and go have a beer.
  8. Chrisb222

    need help with walls

    Drag bottom of wall up.
  9. Huh. Everything looks "mostly" normal to me....?
  10. Chrisb222

    Stucco and Framing a Polyline solid Column

    You might be able to build those using walls with proper definitions, but is it worth the effort. As others said, you can also draw all your details using 2D CAD, even on your floor plan sheets. I do that all the time. I'll use anything to represent a column in 3D and elevation views, then turn that off in plan view and draw in whatever details I want. Usually on porches/columns/beams and their respective connections.
  11. Chrisb222

    Cut Line

    Off topic of the OP, but talking about dashed lines below grade.... I use the "white angle hatch fill" technique, where a polyline is drawn over the underground area and filled with white angle hatch lines. Saves the work of drawing dashed lines to replace the foundation, always updates with the model, and looks more harmonious IMO (sometimes drawn dashed lines look jangly when multiple lines are parallel)
  12. Chrisb222

    Layer sets vs. Saved Plan Views

    That can also work with SPVs and is the reason I still use Default Sets. ALL of my SPVs use Default Sets. I have the Default Sets drop-down on my toolbar. Like you said, if I inadvertently change something it will switch to Active Defaults cluing me that something changed. It's easily fixed too. Just tap on the SPV in the SPV drop-down and all settings are restored. Another thing I like about linking the SPV to a Default Set is one DS might serve multiple SPVs. It's easy to set all the defaults for a SPV using a DS. Of course, you can also do a "Save As" to a SPV and accomplish the same thing.
  13. Chrisb222

    Is An Internet Connection Needed To Run Chief?

    Yep. Just the other day I deactivated Chief on my desktop, then activated on my laptop to get ready for the meeting, set up several views etc. Then remembered I needed to print something from my desktop. Instead of deactivating Chief on the laptop I simply logged off my network instead, then I could re-activate Chief on my desktop without having to deactivate and close Chief on the laptop, and then reopen, reset the cameras, etc. So that was handy.
  14. Chrisb222

    Is An Internet Connection Needed To Run Chief?

    No. Only have to connect every so often. If you were recently signed in it will work offline for a few weeks, I think. I present at client's homes offline all the time.
  15. Chrisb222

    Layer sets vs. Saved Plan Views

    +1. I would like a preference setting to never ask to save changes to Plan Views. to the suggestion board!