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  1. OP wants a setting in dimension defaults to control whether "Suppress Wall Width" is checked or unchecked when using the Interior Dimension tool. There appears to be no user-control setting for this and all interior and manual dimensions have "Suppress Wall Widths" automatically checked. If you want them displayed you have to go into each dimension string and uncheck it. In previous versions, if the dimension default was set to locate "Primary Wall Side" and using the Manual Dimension and other tools, "Suppress Wall Width" was automatically unchecked in dimension strings. That seems to no longer be the case.
  2. Chrisb222

    Graphics Issue?

    I would try changing the material to Color - White. I've had issues with Color - Brite not looking as expected.
  3. Chrisb222


    Both options are going to need foundation walls. Haven't done this exact thing but I would draw the foundation walls, use room divider to make a closed room so can define it as "open below" then draw stairs in the basement.
  4. Chrisb222

    Stair landing baseboard

    I know, it just appeared some weren't aware, so I was just clarifying. Yeah, the feature seems very unreliable. But I'm still on Beta so maybe it's been corrected? I'll play with it when I upgrade and if still not working 100% i'll turn it in. Maybe time for another Suggestion?
  5. Chrisb222

    Stair landing baseboard

    X12 does have a new Clip Stringer option. I've found it to be a little finicky and does not appear to work at a Landing, but it's stairs so...? Nice video Steve. That trim is certainly better than what Chief provides, and seems just as fast compared with the headaches of making the parametric settings do what you want. Thanks!
  6. Chrisb222

    Square footage calculator

    I noticed the hole in the living area, but was more curious about all the storm shelters and safe rooms. Somebody's really paranoid!
  7. Chrisb222

    Interior wall edits

    The regular Break tool in the lower edit toolbar now breaks walls too, so the Wall Break tool was taken off the stock toolbar. The Wall Break tool is still there, you can go to Customize Toolbars and add it back to your toolbar.
  8. Chrisb222

    Stair landing baseboard

    Haven't tried it with landings yet but I'm sure that, with stairs, there is also some type of mouth position or incantation required....
  9. Chrisb222

    Stair landing baseboard

    Caulk?!? How dare you!
  10. Chrisb222

    Saving 3D Camera Views - X12

    I never migrate my old toolbars. Let the program install the new toolbars then compare to the old and customize the new accordingly.
  11. Chrisb222


    Library has double ovens you can drop right in a standard full height cabinet. It looks like you created a space for the oven, don't need to do that.
  12. Chrisb222

    Saving 3D Camera Views - X12

    Yeah they changed that. Don't have access to chief now but there's a menu item in the top toolbar that's used to save, and "save as" views including plan views and cameras.
  13. Chrisb222

    Square footage calculator

    The Living Area label can also be used for a total calculation that includes an Open Below room. Open the room specification dialog and change to "Include in Living Area" and it will return the entire total of the footprint.
  14. Chrisb222


    I've owned several HP plotters over the years, currently running a T520 for about 3 years and absolutely love it. Nowhere near the hassles of previous models, fast and mostly trouble-free. Highly recommend.
  15. Chrisb222

    Pattern line weights in elevation views

    If you're sending to layout as Plot Lines, you can also delete them in the layout view. It's a bit of work but so is every method. One trick that expedites selecting plot lines in layout - once you have the first line selected, you can marquee-select by holding the shift key. You can delete an entire roof plane of shingles in just a few seconds using this method. As always, the downside to editing plot lines in layout is that if you ever need to refresh the view you'll lose all your edits. So any edits should be made once you're certain the view is final.