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  1. Have you tried the CA Bonus catalog for High-Resolution Grass? You might also want to look into seamless textures. Grass is one that benefits but not as much as shingles, stone, that type of thing. The repeating pattern is what looks bad, IMO, and seamless textures really reduce the problem. Just search online, there are tons of free ones.
  2. This is a strong post but sometimes the truth hurts. You're right, Michael, this SHOULD NOT EVER happen and should be an EMERGENCY repair project for the developers. I've been using personal computers for 35 years and NEVER had a toolbar go haywire, and never even KNEW there was such a thing as a toolbar file that I had to keep a "bak" copy of to repair when it did. Michael, I've seen you take a lot of heat on the forum for your honesty, and I think that you getting a downvote for pointing out such a glaring problem is ridiculous. I gave you an upvote to counter.
  3. You have "trusses" checked in the Build Roof DBX. That will override the Structure value and instead use the setting in the Framing Default, Trusses which I suspect is set to 3-1/2".
  4. Thanks. Believe me I don't want to leave the MacOS platform. I've used Macs since the B&W Macintosh SE (~1988) and although I have a PC laptop and can use the system I loathe the idea of using Windows full time. I have only dabbled in TM and Blender (have both installed) but MacOS + third party render may be the lesser unpleasant of the two paths forward. Sure, having great renders with X13 on the Mac would be great but that doesn't seem realistic right now, and living without the upgrades of X13, some of which I asked for, is driving me nuts!
  5. Thanks for the info. My SSA is always current but I haven't even downloaded x13 because of posts like this. I'm struggling with how to transition to x13... either move to PC [GAG] or buy an M1 Mac and render on twinmotion or blender. Ugh.
  6. Thank you for posting this information! Looking forward to updates...
  7. I just want to thank everyone for their input in this issue, as it seems that my desire to move to M1 is feasible for X13 and I can continue with my preferred platform, limitations considered. Thanks again and please continue this discussion!
  8. Kyle, thanks for this information. I'm always watching for news and feedback re: Mac + X13. My SSA is up to date but I still haven't downloaded X13 yet as I just didn't think it would run on my system. I don't have an egpu but have looked into it in the past, now you have me thinking that will work as I had intended to get an M1 Mini this year, just wasn't sure what to expect. I would sure like to hear more about your experiences, what model of Mini you have, OS version (I assume Big Sur) and similar information from anyone else using X13 on the Mac.
  9. Darkside is right. Every time the features of X13 tempt me to switch to a PC desktop (I'm no tech novice and run CA remotely on a PC laptop) I read threads here about people having issues with video drivers, storage, and all kinds of PC problems that simply don't happen on Macs. I've watched this since I started using Macs in 1988 and my brother chose the PC route. I don't think it's nearly as bad now but he was constantly having patch, driver, and OS issues while my Macs always just... worked.
  10. Can you provide a link to that chat room? Thanks
  11. Unfortunately, line display controls for railings don't work like they do for walls I typically turn railings display off and draw cad lines to get the look I want for plan views
  12. That's what I did. Easy to flip back and forth if you add the Active Dimension Defaults Control drop-down on your toolbar.
  13. I would actually like MORE snaps for manually-placed extensions. I find myself wanting a snap I don't have ten times for every time I get frustrated over a snap I don't want. I could see a toggle for switching between "Only Snap To Default Snap Settings" or "Snap To All Snaps," because there are times when I don't want those extra snaps. (Which might make a nice Suggestion BTW.) But no I would not want to always have only the default snaps on manually-added extensions.
  14. You are correct, and if the p2p dim DID snap to something, it will move with the object like any other snapped dim