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  1. On this drawing it is, however, my interpretation of the code is 12" from the inner radius is where the walk-line should be measured, not what is shown here at 2''-5"...
  2. I'm trying to help a GC understand this drawing (not mine) because I believe that it is not code compliant...when I try to draw this in Chief it won't allow such a tight radius and when I look at the code, it appears that at the "walking line" which is defined as 12" from inner radius, the tread should be 10" I missing something here?
  3. What exactly are you asking? The term used here in Phoenix for the Molding under the the roof ends is a "rolled soffit". This is made by using a styrofoam molding and stucco applied over it. Here is where you add it in Chief:
  4. Can you please save to Chief X12, I can't read the new file, thanks
  5. Sorry, changed it to Interior Symbol...when I tried Door Symboll it looks like a garage door in the plan view.
  6. Another contribution to this great Commmunity! It took me 1/2 a day to create a Modern Double Entry System for a Client and so here you have it! Enjoy! Since I'm not an Expert at this I couldn't figure out how to create a fuller Symbol with door swing lines or how to add the "Door Opening Surround I used to create a door with exteior and Interior Molding like the finished product has....maybe one of you Experts can Tutor me lol! The top pic shows the door in the wall, the next pic shows the Symbol Exported and the last pic shows what I would like it to look like as a Symbol but couldn't get this view with the door swings. Modern Iron Enrty Doors.calibz
  7. I also created a single for those that might want dual swinging rather than a rolling gate...take a look in the Symbols, enjoy!
  8. After receiving some excellent critical constructive feedback from Eric (Solver) I recreated my ornate driveway gate this time a little smaller 17' vs 20' and I made it in a half section for those that would like to use a swinging gate rather than a sliding gate. And yes, it was a PAIN creating the baubles since I couldn't find them anywhere!!! ChiefDoubleleGate.plan ChiefSingleGate.plan
  9. Did something change in recent versions...I used to be able to move the whole screen with sliders like in my pic below rather than use the arrow keys, thanks!
  10. Thanks! I grabbed a few and added them into our symbols Library to save others the trouble of having to search the Internet and then upload into Chief! Large Landscaping Boulders
  11. Take your pick! Boulders.calibz
  12. Thanks, yes I had the Fabricator send me CAD files of some of the basic shapes and then I modified them and created the design, however, I did not take the time to create actual CAD blocks and create a Model/Symbol as I did with the gate. LOL, hey whatever works!
  13. I suppose that I can create a few with CAD blocks but thought I would ask first!
  14. I hope not, I am hopeful that the rollers can ride on the lower bar I created but will find out when I meet with the Fabrication Company next week. The good news is that they are extremely capable! Just look at the VERY unique 10' wide by 12' tall entry door that I designed for my personal residence and they fabricated it exacted as designed!
  15. I've updated the files due to several errors and forgot to add the bottom clavos so if you previously downloaded anything, please use the R1 versions, thanks!
  16. That's what I love about this place, everyone's got GREAT advice to offer, THANKS!!!
  17. I spent several days creating a very ornate driveway gate for my personal residence. It's 20'x5' tall with a rise to 7' in the center. I've added it in the Symbols Library for anyone interested!
  18. DivewaygateR1.planDivewaygateR1.planThe only thing that I didn't create in 3D are the birdcages that go onto the bars. Enjoy! UPDATE! I found a few errors in the plan (an extra spindle and an overlap in the base so I corrected these, smoothed the radii as recommended below and added the Claovs to the bottom as well. PLEASE use the R1 files, sorry for the original miscue! Chief.calibz Divewaygate.plan GateR1.calibz DivewaygateR1.plan
  19. This place rocks! I was having fits trying to make the chain-link fence and low and behold, thanks guys!
  20. My files are not backed up on OneDrive, I have them backed up on a 2TB hard-drive and as I mentioned earlier, I don't see anything on it after a complete search