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Ric Howe started a thread long ago encouraging others to share their Chief Architect creations (usually rendering scenes).


I wanted to help continue this tradition by recreating the thread here, but with a twist... :)

If you haven't explored it yet, this forum allows users to create image Albums. You can allow others to comment and rate your images, just click on the Gallery tab on the top of the page to see what others have posted or start your own album.

I've thrown myself in the ring with this album so that we have an example to start from:


Share yours too, we are always excited to see what users are creating. Just set up your Album, and then post a link on this thread to share with the rest of us!

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Hi Ozgur,


What grass plugin are you using? They look good. I like the 4th rendering the most.

Hi Jintu,


Following your recommendation, i switched to Forest Pack Pro. Very useful and fast.

Also used Groundwiz for distributing people.

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I am looking at these two images and wondering if it is really worth it for a quick ray trace vs. just using the standard view with shadows.




The Ray Trace only cooked for about 6 passes in 3 minutes. Fairly small size image.


Wow, they are definitely similar! The ray trace is visibly "softer" looking, but if you are providing the images in a relatively small resolution, maybe the final view render works in this case.


Interesting test, thanks for sharing!

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Here's a tip that might be relevant to this thread... maybe you all know about it, but I stumbled across it recently.


You can obviously click on any of the gallery images to see them at a larger scale, but this view is limited to your browser window size.


Did you know that you can right-click on that image, and choose "Open image in new tab", to access a full scale version of the image and see it as the poster intended?


In the new tab, you may even be able to zoom in a little closer for more detail. The cursor should indicate if it is full zoom or not.


This functionality might be browser specific... I use Chrome.


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  • 2 weeks later...


These images are from my first substantial project packaged into CA as one file for presentation purposes to our local jurisdiction for approval.


I designed 6 house models, purged them of as many faces as I could, introduced some warm lights where they would come through in an elevation, then dropped them randomly into

a 3 acre terrain as 35 symbols, w. road, 3D trees,shrubs, and (3D) flower boxes. I have also adapted textures and materials.

I enjoyed playing with the sun, its angle, compass bearing, and colour. Very nice.


I have a long way to go on my essential learning curve----even after a year of lurking here, many, many, pockets of ignorance are left to address.....:), but I am more than delighted with what I am beginning to sense is the real power and deep intelligence of this great program. Kudos to everyone at CA......!


Critiques would indeed be helpful.

David Sorensen


PS. My many thanks to Jim Lawes, Kathleen Moore, Aaron ****, and Val Florio: they are as generous with their knowledge as they have been with their time. I am most appreciative.

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Jonathan - it looks like the settings in Chief are totally different than in Thea.  You have no sun coming in through the window,

a polished floor versus a reflective one, higher ambient light etc.  You may not be able to match Thea but I think it is possible to do better.

Light leakage is a real problem though!  ;o(

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I didn't take the time to setup materials in the Chief one.  I mostly was trying to see how it handled lighting.  If I was impressed, then I would have continued.


I wasn't...so I stopped.


It's ok, though.  I'll still use Chief for modeling  ;)

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Forgive me while I indulge in some shameless self-promotion. Here is my entry in Chief’s Custom Ceiling Design Contest. I have been playing around with a lot of different concepts lately (round structures, cupolas, curved roof planes, sun light angles, etc.) and I had this crazy idea to combine them all into a custom ceiling design. Since we are in the period between Memorial Day and the 4th of July I settled on a patriotic theme I call “Hail to the Red White & Blue”. Initially I had circular exterior walls for the structure but the roof became too complex and the time it took to redraw after every edit or change of view became prohibitive so I went with an octagonal exterior which rendered much faster. The design features an oculus in the top of a cupola set on top of a domed roof. The dome is pierced in eight locations by star and bar openings which accent the cupola and cast striking sun light images on the inside of the structure. Since the contest rules limit the entries to a single image file it is hard to effectively do justice to everything that is going on so I have attached some additional images. Check out the contest submissions here:


If you “like” it enough I could get a free memory stick out of the deal.   B) 









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Jonathan, I had some grandiose goals when I set out.
I was initially working with a circular exterior wall and
a hemispherical dome on top but when I started poking
holes in that roof rendering it brought my rig to its knees.
So in the interest of expediency I stripped it down to an
octagon which rendered quite acceptably. The real kicker
is that I still have this new GTX 780 Ti video card sitting
here on my shelf because up til now I just haven't had
the time or real need to install it. It will be interesting to
see what kind of improvement the new card will give me.


Jon, I like the "flavah", although I didn't realize that ice hockey

was all that prevalent in the Asian culture. :huh:  I'd give ya a

"like" in the contest but unfortunately I don't have nor do I

intend to get a Facebook account so I can't vote.

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