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  1. KirkClemons's post in Large Empty Layout was marked as the answer   
    How do you typically create new layouts and update your template?
    There seems to be a lot of older data from X6 and maybe older in this file. There are even references to objects that would normally be in a plan file, not a layout file. This is probably what's adding to your file size.
    I would recommend copying your title block into a new layout and saving the new layout file as a template.
  2. KirkClemons's post in Spell Check ignores words in ALL CAPS was marked as the answer   
    Actually as an after thought, you could probably use an all caps font instead of a regular font.
  3. KirkClemons's post in X-7 Not Starting Anywhere was marked as the answer seems to be experiencing problems. We are working on it and will update this thread as soon as we find the issue.