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  1. Version X13 - Apr 21, 2022
  2. Terrible issues slower than version 4. I'm not at all happy that Chief ignores this. I'm thinking of send them a file and letting them figure it out.
  3. I just opened a file from 06/22/2015 for a job that has been resurrected due to Fire. Everything comes up ok in X13 but regen is slow liken to version 4 speed. Any ideas.?
  4. We have been using 13 for 6 months without any problems at all
  5. Thanks Much Joey. Much appreciated
  6. I have a bit of trouble at the fact that a "Mature Residential CAD Software" does not have a Screen Door in its libs. But they have colored coat hangers GO FIGURE. Does anyone know where a screen door resides THANKS Ron
  7. Best solution Joe. I agree
  8. Just changed to a logi: MX Master 25 & After I purchased they upgraded the model GRRRR
  9. I just got a logi Master 25 and two weeks later the come out with a new model. Go Figure
  10. I'm attempting to insert text from word with tabs. all looks well in word or pdf but when i insert into my drawing the tabs all go wrong. Any ideas. Thanks
  11. What is the best tablet to work with Chief. Samsung or Apple?
  12. Dummy figured it out now attempting to make icons larger
  13. Every Time. How di I change the cross hairs on my laptop. For some reason I never remember. Sorry
  14. How do I get my X12 toolbars to X13. Thanks for helping me