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  1. raltd9245

    Replacing my User Lib

    Much Thanks it worked
  2. raltd9245

    Replacing my User Lib

    I want to replace my user lib with a new one How do I delete the existing user lib
  3. raltd9245

    sloped walls

    My suggestion is old school. put a detail bubble on the plan & show a framing hand drawin framing elevation on the plan as a detrail or mark it as a detail and show it on your detail sheet. Chief dfoes not pay much attention tho these short commings
  4. raltd9245

    Where are the old doors

  5. raltd9245

    Where are the old doors

    in the past there were many more standard door options, for instance class room door lites, other glass options can't seem to find them. Where did they go????????>
  6. raltd9245

    Unwanted Panic Bars

    A Big Thank You to All who helped, me
  7. raltd9245

    Remove panic bars from doors

    All of a sudden I'm getting panic bars on all my exterior doors. don't want them HELP PLEASE
  8. raltd9245

    Version 4 Lighting

    GThanks Eric, I just found that. I swear there was more choices back then. Thank you very much for your efforts
  9. raltd9245

    Version 4 Lighting

    David, Your a better Man than me I can't find them
  10. raltd9245

    Version 4 Lighting

    I keep upgrading and all of a sudden I do not have any of the basic Lighting fixtures like a 4' Fluorescent surface mtd fixture.HELP
  11. raltd9245

    Unwanted Panic Bars

    Why do all my residential doors have a panic bar which I can't seem to delete, HELP
  12. raltd9245

    Vehicles Trouck Cars

    Just looked at my chief libs cant fine many cars and especially trucke where can I get more. Thanks for the quick input.
  13. raltd9245

    Auto Story Pole Dimensions Issue

    Depends on construction I usually use strapping theen apply the ceiling makes for a more uniform ceiling.
  14. raltd9245

    Auto Story Pole Dimensions Issue

    The framer does not care about ceiling height but instead top of stud wall.
  15. raltd9245

    X12 It's The Little Things...

    It is programmer's having way to much time on their hands. I think we need more commercial type stuff. for those of us who do contempory houses and small commercial projects