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  1. Wow! I spent an hour on my last job trying to figure out how to do that, and gave up by drawing cad lines. Thanks!
  2. I just watched the preview video, and found myself saying, "Wow, that's cool!" frequently! The one that I found the most exciting is the new camera viewing with focus on an object. I hear this all the time, "show me what it looks like from there", and then I show them cutoff walls and rooms! Lot's of cool features added for cabinets, and yes, Rosco2017, it looks like the stair tools have been worked on well, well! I like it!
  3. The reply I received from tech support about the crash I was experiencing was coming from video drivers on a few older cards. They plan to have a fix out this week to solve that issue. Meanwhile, for this and a multitude of other reasons, I upgraded my portable computer to a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Problem solved! Naturally, the screen is smaller, and you don't get as much to view at one time, but it's perfect for a visit to a client. I had a wireless display adapter that didn't work on my old laptop, but the Surface connects virtually automatically! Now I can plug into the clients 72" TV and build there house right in their living room!
  4. X7 is out of beta, and still crashing! It seems to happen the most on dialog box in elevation views. My Dell XPS laptop running Windows 7 has the crashing problem, but my desktop running Windows 8 runs Chief like a charm. Makes me think its hardware related. I merrily upgraded to X7 on my laptop an hour before meeting a customer this morning on a Saturday! Not a good plan! Better luck next time.....
  5. I really like the centering tool, and it's a good one to 'wow' the customer with, but there are times when it just doesn't find what I think it should center on. I agree that is should, and could, but it already does me enough good that I'm going to try not to complain
  6. I don't have an answer, but how did you get what you're saying to work in X5? I don't recall that ever happening for me, and it didn't when I tried it out. I even tried breaking the wall, and it still didn't work.
  7. I have had this same problem; actually tech support helped me find it. It is the 'oval vanity sink' that is in the MEP configuration tool bar. Not sure about any of the other vanity sinks, but this one will slow the software down with only a couple instances on the plan. Four or five can start to make it crawl.
  8. In the floor plan view, double click the room that you would like to add/modify the flooring in. In the 'Room Specification' click on the structure tab, and edit the Floor Finish. It's toward the bottom of the dialog. These settings can all be setup in the default settings for your plan.
  9. I really like the new forum look and feel, but especially the gallery section! I'm adding a few of my own renderings that I done for our brochure recently. Rosebud Services Brochure
  10. mwclassen


    Renderings for a brochure