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  1. I think The pedople at CHIEF should satisfy their greed another way.
  2. New Hard Drive how do I change the cursor size to a cross. Thanks once again
  3. Joe etAl I use anything that will get the job done and tell the story required to complete the project
  4. A Big Thankyou to all who helped ols forgetful guy how to Change Materials. You all are grear Regards Ron
  5. How do I show 45 degree angle shiplap siding. HELP PLEASE
  6. Some days U need all the tools available!!
  7. Joe, A good professional does not dismiss anything when getting the project out. Period
  8. Joe in my 60+ years of doing this work professionally I have not counted our anything that gets the story to People. SO, MY ANSWER IS YES. (from an 83yo Architect)


  9. Thank you for your valuable input. Much appreciated. Have a great weekend Ron Ravenscroft
  10. Is there an easy efficient way to specify comercial doors with a hollow metal frame. I'm lost. HELP_
  11. Terrible issues slower than version 4. I'm not at all happy that Chief ignores this. I'm thinking of send them a file and letting them figure it out.
  12. I just opened a file from 06/22/2015 for a job that has been resurrected due to Fire. Everything comes up ok in X13 but regen is slow liken to version 4 speed. Any ideas.?
  13. We have been using 13 for 6 months without any problems at all
  14. Thanks Much Joey. Much appreciated
  15. I have a bit of trouble at the fact that a "Mature Residential CAD Software" does not have a Screen Door in its libs. But they have colored coat hangers GO FIGURE. Does anyone know where a screen door resides THANKS Ron
  16. Best solution Joe. I agree
  17. Just changed to a logi: MX Master 25 & After I purchased they upgraded the model GRRRR
  18. I just got a logi Master 25 and two weeks later the come out with a new model. Go Figure
  19. I'm attempting to insert text from word with tabs. all looks well in word or pdf but when i insert into my drawing the tabs all go wrong. Any ideas. Thanks