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  1. I was wondering if AMD and their additional cores were the way to go or not. thanks!
  2. for some time, the consensus was that intel was a better option even if amd offered more cores. I was wondering if that was still the case. the requirements page does not specify one or the other (I had already looked at the link, thanks) also, Not an Apple Guy.
  3. My cpu died yesterday. I always remember Intel being the goto processor for chief. Is that still the case or are more people going to AMD? Is 'the more cores the better" still the way to go for raytracing? I do not use any other rendering software for chief.
  4. mainly spot, but it happens with 1 light in a room. It is the shadows and reflection in render view, and any PBR view
  5. I am having an issue with x10 where PBR or rendered view with shadows/reflection on will crash my PC as soon as I "walk" through the room. It has happened with large and small files. So far, I have tried: updating drivers--no luck deleting drivers and installing direct from nvidia as a clean install--no luck removing 2 of my 3 monitors from the card--no luck ran a benchmark program to test the video card and it is performing very well I have a 6 core inel with 16gb ddr4 ram, and a gtx 1070 card. I have spoken to tech support on 3 different occasions. I am about to uninstall and reinstall x10. Anyone have any advice or go through the same thing? TIA
  6. I currently use x9. my program is installed on my c drive, but the files i work out of are on another drive due to the amount of space they occupy. Should I install x10 on the same drive that the chief files reside for faster processing? both are Solid State Drives Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. I run an i7 5960x liquid cooled with all SSD's. I was running dual gtx580 cards for the last 5 years, but x9 needed an upgrade so I installed a gtx1070 last week. 16gb ddr4 ram I turn all shadows off all lighting except recess, and add an occasional user light when needed. I also bump up daytime and interior intensity. For each project, We provide 30-60 images so I have to keep the time down under 10 minutes per trace.
  8. 100% chief raytracing, 12 passes each, 2-7 minutes each depending on the image
  9. Normally I do that, but this project has NYC views, an open plan and lots of windows. It's not working for me, but I was able to fake it a bit. I just found out how to do 360 view from google street view and download them. it would be great to use those in our plans.
  10. I have seen a few references, but no answers... Once you upload a panoramic view (mine is 360 thanks to google) how can you align the view with your home? My North side is displaying outside me East side window. I have tried to rotate the plan but that does not help. I have tried moving my north pointer with no success. Anyone have a thought?
  11. Thanks, That is why I shared it. In case someone comes across the issue they can search for the temporary fix!
  12. I started getting crashes (PC) a few days after I downloaded X9. Sytem would shut and restart in 3D render view. Turns out, in default settings, Bloom was enabled and was giving my video cards fits. My current cards (GTX 580) meet the basic requirements but are well below the recommended requirements. Chief Support helped me figure this one out. I will be updating them this month so I won't run that issue any more. Figured I would share in case anyone else has the same issue
  13. Toggle off sunlight, turn off shadows for all your lights, up the ambient settings in the 3D options
  14. in 3d view defaults, crank up your interior and daytime ambient. If you use photon mapping, it will spread out the lighting well, but you will add time and passes to complete.