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Scott. It's Crump. But that's OK as I have been called much worse. When does the winner need to be announced?

Hi Michael,  I think the winner should be announced at our workshop tomorrow morning.......  it is very kind of you to let BB know that my rendering is much better than his,  but when we meet tomorrow morning,  please let him know that your decision was a very difficult decision,  but after much contemplation,  it was obvious that my rendering exceeded all expectations,  see you in the am.

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Hey Scott,


Do you want some People to add - I've got about 50 in a Library.  I'll post it in the Symbols Forum.

That would be great,  I think we would all appreciate that,  especially BB,  since he is having a difficult time exceeding expections,  but I have to say,  BB did do a great job,  just don't tell the judge.


Thanks JC,  see you next Thursday at the RBI for a round of golf.

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It was announced today at 6:05 that dip sh** Hall won the first annual McCrump Rendering Contest.


He has won a $25.00 Bounty and a Cheap 10" plastic trophy.  Congrats to Dip Sh** Hall.  Thanks to Barton and Jintu for participating,  we all appreciate your efforts.

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Congratulations to Scott, and thank you for the pre-meeting critique and suggestions this morning.

For completeness, here is what I learned:

1) the obvious: it is all about composition. Reduce the amount of driveway in the foreground, add some 'tree shadows' to soften the look.

2) night views: stop using 'photons', this is where the bleed comes from. It makes the lighting a little harsher, but removes the annoying bleed artifacts. See the attachment below.

3) For day views: I can live with the bleed, especially on outdoor shots, because using photons makes the scenes more 'realistic', for me, from a lighting perspective. Shadows are not as harsh and more ambient light gets included. Attached below are two daytime views, one without photons, one with photons. The chrome on the vehicles is much more realistic using photons. And yes, photons increases the time of a ray trace - good excuse to purchase a more powerful PC.

For those that are curious, the light settings are encoded in the file name (hover the cursor over a thumbnail to see file name): after the date comes

1) ambient occlusion

2) sun intensity

3) environment light

4) either 'no photons' or blank, which means photons on (my default)




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Nice but there has to be a hint of bluish hue coming form the sky that is why we are given environment light. That's what you get when your are familiar with HRDI (we can simulate this by using the "use backdrop image" or "sky")


LIght sources specially in night scenes should not be too white.


Chief renderings lack saturation and contrast, play with the adjust image properties, helps define shadows as well.




Attached is the original backdrop and the raytraced.



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Jintu, thank you for the suggestions/tips.

Attached is ray trace where the only change from the previous was the change from 'environment light' of white to 'environment light' of 'sky'. It definitely removed the slight 'yellow' tinge in the whole image of the previous ray trace. The 'sky' is especially noticeable on the side pillars of the hearse which changed from 'slight yellow' to 'slight blue'. This change did make the image colors more realistic in my view. Regarding saturation, the colors look good on my monitor - any more saturated would appear to be too much IMHO - maybe it is just my monitors...

What does High Resolution Doppler Imaging (HRDI) have to do with this? Just kidding :) , pretty sure you meant HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging). Not a topic I'm very familiar with - yet another topic to explore! :)

Regarding night lighting: while I agree that everyone in the world seems to like the softwhite/yellowish light, both my wife and I are apparently at the age where we find it hard to see in the yellow light and much prefer the bluish/daylight lighting. If I was doing this commercially, I'd probably adjust to 'the norm' and yellow out the night lighting...

Thanks again.


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Attempts at photorealism don't do it for me any more, and I have embraced the NPR approach.  NPR = NotPhotoRealistic


Watercolor with lines is a favorite, but you need to do the work to ensure your glass in windows and doors is opaque.


Any tricks you'd like to share Gene? Or anyone else for that matter. I'm trying to make the glass opaque for a line drawing and I can't figure out how!!! I tried modifying the 'glass standard' material to be a 'general material' with 0% transparency, but it still shows as transparent in every view/rendering style but vector views (because I have opaque glass checked off). What gives?!

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Chief has this quirky way of handling window glass.

The reason that you can't get obscure glass with a line drawing is because, even though you are changing the glass materials properties, it is still the DEFAULT material. Chief wants to handle the Default glass material in its own way. 


So...don't use the Default glass material.

Create another material for the glass and use that.

You will then get obscure glass in a line view.

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Thanks Glenn. I was in a rush to finish off the renderings and that's more or less what I ended up doing. I just changed all my glass to 'Color - Black'. I'll change it back to glass when I need to.

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For this particular view, I would use a floor camera from the outside instead of a perspective full overview camera. And then use the raytrace tool. Should be pretty simple. Maybe try changing the background image to one with some dusk lighting and then render it with a similar lighting. I'm just thinking out loud now.

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