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  1. LevisL

    Connecting different pitched roofs

    My thoughts exactly! I always get as far as I can with the auto roof then manually override for the couple problem areas.
  2. LevisL

    Ipad Pro Users

    I've gone back to sketching as-builts on my iPad as well. I find it quicker overall to complete. Also easier to just carry the iPad, laser and tape as opposed to lugging around a laptop on site. In addition to Morpholio Trace, there's Procreate which is also very good (I have both). Lots of brush choices, stamps, as many layers as you like, etc. I love drawing with the Apple Pencil over pen and paper because you can easily undo or erase when you screw up! There's also something about a nice architectural sketch that is just so satisfying, though mine look nowhere near as good as Robert's!!! Nicely done btw! I picked up some good tips from this guy and bought his Procreate pack. It was well worth it. https://architect-entrepreneur.teachable.com/p/30x40-s-procreate-pack
  3. LevisL

    CAD Block Management mystery

    As for line styles sticking when making blocks, I know that they will sometimes lose the line styles when you associate them with a symbol. I don’t know if it’s all symbol types, but I’ve seen with electrical symbols. If you explode some of the stock cad blocks associated with symbols, you’ll see that the dashed lines are actually individual line segments (I know dishwashers are like that for sure) It’s annoying though. I wish the line styles would just work.
  4. LevisL

    CAD Block Management mystery

    Did you name your cad block after you made it (before adding it to the library)? If you haven’t, it’ll be named ‘block1’ or a subsequent number in CAD block management.
  5. Once you get used to saved plan views, you'll never want to go back! You can choose to assign your anno sets to a view as you have them set up, or you can override the anno set for a specific item. Between that and reference floors, these views are really powerful and a big time saver. Another big plus is you can have multiple views of the same floor open at once, like the floor plan, electrical layout and framing plan all open at once on different tabs. Really great. Hop on the bandwagon!
  6. LevisL

    Plan Rotation

    Looks like you rotated the plan view by accident. Just rotate it back -90º. Tools>Rotate Plan View...
  7. LevisL

    Displaying Only Addition Studs in Plan View

    What Glenn is saying is use two different wall types for existing vs addition. For the existing walls, change the fir framing layer to something else that has no framing, like Insulation Air Gap. Then you'll only get studs for the addition.
  8. LevisL

    Dormer - soffit sticks through ceiling plane

    Does your dormer have a different roof slope than the main roof by any chance? I find soffits don't miter properly when joining different roof slopes in certain situations. Although in your case, that pointed end of the soffit shouldn't even be pointed at all! Maybe report that
  9. LevisL

    Shed roof Truss

    For that room, uncheck 'Flat Ceiling Over This Room'. Then adjust the structure thickness of your roof plane to match the depth of the parallel chord truss (or draw a ceiling plane with the same slope as the roof plane). Then you can draw a truss. You might need to adjust the shape of the truss envelope a bit. You can also edit the truss detail to customize the webbing to match your picture if you want.
  10. LevisL

    2D Batt Insulation Pattern / Hatch

    That's what I was thinking too. Way easier than stretching CAD blocks or messing with patterns and offsets.
  11. If you need 3 or more different fills, you can also check 'Use Layer Color' under Pattern Appearance in the Wall Definition dbx. Then change the layer color in your different layer sets. Here's an example of my set up. In my working layer set, I have the attic walls layer set to blue so I can quickly distinguish between attic walls and normal walls (on my print set, both layers are set to black). Then on my floor and roof framing layer sets, I change the walls to a light grey. In my case, I have the line colors of each wall layer also set to 'By Layer', but you could also uncheck that and just have the fill change color when you change layer sets.
  12. LevisL

    Apple Silicon / macOS 11 Big Sur

    I'm in the same boat, but as Mark said, the new Macs don't support Real-Time Raytracing yet, so you might be better off waiting a bit until Apple comes with their line of graphics cards that can support it. That's my plan. Then I can get a machine that will be useful for a longer period. Hopefully the folks at Apple don't make us hold out for too long!
  13. Perfect. Thanks Eric. That's exactly what I needed!
  14. Here's a simple plan showing the same problem. Post to Beam Example.plan