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  1. LevisL

    Creating 3D Foundation View

    And here's what I started with: And the edits I had to do!
  2. LevisL

    Creating 3D Foundation View

    I feel your pain Bob! Unfortunately, the 'Walls, Main Layer Only' only works for plan views, not camera views. I spent time with tech. support a couple years ago trying to figure out a way to do the same thing you're trying. In short, we can't do it automatically yet. Here's what I do now to create a foundation overview: 1. Take an ORTHOGRAPHIC (not perspective) floor overview camera view showing only the foundation (terrain off, etc.) 2. Switch to an isometric view (3D>Isometric View>Take your pick!) 3. Use the 'Delete Surfaces' tool to delete any unwanted items, like the upper portion of pony walls 4. Create a 'CAD Detail from View' 5. Open the CAD detail and edit as needed (ensure the 'CAD_ Default_Lines' and 'CAD_ Default_Patterns' layers are turned on) The reason I use an orthographic camera as opposed to perspective is that the CAD detail will then be to scale, so it's a lot easier to do the needed edits. I find I usually need to do some editing anyways, especially for ICF foundations, so this method works alright for me. Depending on the size and complexity of the foundation, it can take me anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get it all cleaned up in the CAD detail. Here's an example of one I did recently Hope this helps!
  3. LevisL

    CA performance on MacBook Pro 13"

    Good to know. I'll keep trying to figure out what the issue is. Same here. The only problems I have are with the MacBook. My 2013 iMac still runs great.
  4. LevisL

    CA performance on MacBook Pro 13"

    I've been monitoring memory usage for the past couple days when I'm using the laptop and right now I'm running very similar to you. CA, browser, and e-mail open and I'm at around 4.6 to 4.8GB used. I have Dropbox and Remote PC running in the background as well. The other day when it showed 6.7GB used, my wife's account had apps open as well and I had just switched users without logging out of her account. That being said, I'm still getting lots of crashes generating section/elevation cameras. Memory usage doesn't spike when crashes happen. Sometimes CA freezes on a white screen with the spinning rainbow wheel (not responding). Other times it shuts down suddenly. I can usually open 1 or 2 section cameras no problem. Then it crashes on subsequent attempts, even if I close the first ones beforehand. Here's a screenshot showing the first part of the crash report the last time it shut down suddenly on me.
  5. LevisL

    Business Sign

    You can also use Sketchup to do some 3D lettering and import it as a symbol into Chief. Here are a few examples I just did last week.
  6. LevisL

    CA performance on MacBook Pro 13"

    Thanks Graham. I updated to Catalina just a couple days ago, which may have worsened the problem, but it was definitely happening before that. As for my preferences in CA, it does recognize the chip and Open GL version. As a test, I ran the activity monitor side-by-side with CA to see if the RAM was maxing out when a crash happened, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I haven't found anywhere where I can adjust the Iris Plus settings outside of CA. I'll do more research and report back.
  7. I bought a new MacBook Pro this summer as a secondary machine for the times I'm out of my office and away from my iMac. I opted for the 13" model rather than the 15" for several reasons, but mainly for portability and price difference. I knew going into this that I would probably feel a performance hit by only having the Intel Integrated graphics, but I thought it would be livable (e.g.: I wasn't expecting to be able to use it for PBR's and other renderings with lots of lights and shadows). Anyway, after a couple months of using this machine, I'm finding I get a lot of crashes generating section/elevation camera views with the vector view rendering style. This is a big part of creating con docs, so this is a bigger problem than expected. Perspective cameras using the standard rendering style don't seem to be a problem though. I've spoken to tech. support about it and they're saying it's due to the integrated graphics. They had me play around with the render preferences (uncheck global illumination, etc.), but that hasn't helped. I'm just curious if there's any other MacBook Pro users with just the Intel graphics that have similar issues and/or what you've done to address it. I'm hoping I don't need to trade this machine in just yet.
  8. I got it to work, but there still seems to be a bug with the square fascia. When you select it in section view, the selection still shows as a plumb fascia, so I'm guessing that's why the truss tail is not generating properly. To get it to work, I edited the overhang portion of truss envelope in section view, then I trimmed it with a cad line in the truss detail. TrussTest.plan
  9. LevisL

    Stair stringer width

    And the number of stringers is restrictive as well. We should be able to specify how many stringers we want and/or their max. spacing.
  10. LevisL

    Steam Punk Fixtures

    There's a few in the Vintage Industrial No.1 Bonus Library. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/3d-library/index.php?r=site/library&category=Furniture
  11. No problem! Actually, you can see the effect in plan view. Just toggle the 'Line Weights' icon on. I usually leave mine 'on' unless I need to do more intricate detailing and the line weights get in the way of being accurate. Also, when I send a view to layout, I always check 'Use Layout Line Scaling' below the scale. This way the line weights and dash lengths look consistent from one view to the other, regardless of scale And lastly, it helps if your drawing sheet setup in both plan and layout both have the same line weight settings. I use 1 = 1/100mm, which I think is the default. I know @dshall and I had a gotomeeting last year where we played around with the line weight settings in plan that were different than in layout and we had some odd results.
  12. That almost looks to me like you have a really heavy lineweight for your legend borders.
  13. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one! I never changed my background color from the default. I also don't use the Dark Mode introduced with the release of Mojave.
  14. Here's one of mine from a little while back! I think the bug is when the images have a transparent background from what I can tell.
  15. Hi Mike, I bet they printed from the Preview app on the Mac computer. I've seen a lot of this. It's just been since the Mojave OS was released. I had to switch to print from Acrobat Reader instead of Preview for that exact reason.