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  1. What I usually do (and what I've seen from plot plans prepared by surveyors) is dimension perpendicular to the property lines. For curves, I dimension towards the center point of the circle.
  2. Gotcha. I just exported from X14. Thanks for doing that for the others that haven't upgraded yet.
  3. What did you change Eric? I don't notice any difference from mine!
  4. Good point Eric. I've added them to my first post.
  5. I have macros for width, height and depth. They can be used with other objects too, not just doors. For a door label, you can either just add those two macros directly in your default label or add another macro that combines the two and make that your default label, which is what I did Formatted Macros.json
  6. If you compare that to the clicks to change the pattern line weight and/or colour here for every view sent to layout, since we can't set our own defaults, then I call it a wash!
  7. I have to disagree with that statement! Create an exterior elevation layer set in your template plan and customize it as you want with roof planes, walls, cross-section lines, etc. with a heavier line weight. It might be a bit more work to set up initially, maybe a couple hours, but do it once and then it'll be done. It's definitely not 10 times the work every time. You could take it a step further and create your 4 elevation cameras in your template and assign that layer set to them, so they'll be there every time you start a new plan. Even if you work on a plan that doesn't have that layerset, just import it from your template plan. For materials, if I'm not mistaken, most in the library come stock with a pattern line weight of 0, so not much to do there. I sometimes change the fill pattern colour to a lighter gray instead of black, but that's just a couple clicks per materials. If you use the same materials often and you don't want to change them every time, you can copy the manufacturer catalogs to your user catalog and edit the materials there.
  8. Funny you should say that... I tried it this morning on a commercial reno plan I'm working on and I noticed a big difference in lineweights between 144 and 600 DPI. At 144 DPI, all lineweights look the same to me. This is viewing the pdf on screen only – haven't printed this to see how it looks on paper. Something has definitely changed from X13 to X14, at least on the Mac version, because when I created the pdf for this plan this morning, constisting of: - 11 pages 18x24" - one rendering on the cover page (standard camera sent to layout as image, not live view) - all the rest of the pages contain only plan views, plot line elevations, or schedules (no embedded pdf's) At 600 DPI, the file is 33.4MB. Even at 144 DPI, the size only goes down to 30.6MB... In comparison, another commercial plan I recently completed in X13, which had 26 pages of 24x36" (much larger building, with a couple embedded PDF's to boot), only resulted in a file size of 13.7MB at 600 DPI.
  9. Select only one roof plane and that tool/icon will show up. Click on it before selecting the second roof plane.
  10. This is not the original thread, but @robdyck did mention how he does it in this one:
  11. I use a detail similar to Tom. Our code up here in Canada specifies the same minimum 1" space between the roof sheathing and the baffle. The baffle also needs to extend a min. 2" vertically above the insulation.
  12. A couple options that don't involve cad lines or points...
  13. To add to David's answer, instead of just copying and pasting manufacturer folders to your user library, you can paste shortcuts, which will keep the links to the manufacturer folders so you can keep them up to date. I've done that with a few cabinet manufacturers. The icon beside the library item has an arrow in it when it's a shortcut.
  14. . All good! I knew why it wasn't working for you, but couldn't figure out how to get it to work either! Nothing like a good half-a** solution! Bill is in the mail with a 50% discount...
  15. Aha. I was missing the dot to make it work in my test!
  16. One of the macro gurus can chime in here on how to do it, but the problem is you're trying to add 2 of what? inches? feet? mm? I know you said inches, but Chief doesn't know! Multiplying or dividing doesn't need units.
  17. Thanks for the mention Mick. I'm up in the Peace River area, not really close to Leduc. I've also got my hands full with projects here locally right now. I do have experience with full ICF builds, but I wouldn't be able to start on it for almost a month though. Rob (@robdyck) is down southeast corner of the province in the Medicine Hat area, while Jason (@SH_Canada) is in Calgary.
  18. I ordered this one from Amazon yesterday: https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/product/ups/intelligent-lcd/cp1000avrlcd/ Seems to have just as good reviews and it was just a bit better priced than a similar APC unit. Hopefully it works well! I'll have my iMac, plotter and small printer hooked up to it, so I should get close to 10 minutes of runtime if the power goes out when I'm using one of the printers and the CPU is running at its max, and 25 minutes or longer if I'm not printing and CPU usage is at 50% or less . Realistically though, in most cases, I just need enough time to save and shut down if the power goes out! I also turned on Dropbox Backup to backup my desktop and documents folders to Dropbox, so hopefully by doing both of these, I won't have another incident like this!
  19. Good idea about the style palettes. I'll definitely give that more thought. For the room finish schedule, it's basically just lines, text boxes and filled CAD circles for the dots. All manual. I had one from a previous project, though much smaller, saved in my library, so it was just a matter of changing room names, adding extra rows and copying/pasting the dots as needed. I made it as fast as I could by using transform/replicate and multiple copy wherever I was able to. Each square is 12"x12" in plan, so it made it easier that way.
  20. Very true. I’ll look into getting one of those as well.
  21. Here’s why! The room finish schedule is not the type Chief does automatically. And there was a ton of customization in the door schedules using the door OIP’s and custom fields. The only one that was quick was the window schedule!
  22. Unfortunately, I don’t have it set up, nor do my I have iCloud backups set up to backup my documents folder. I used to have Time Machine set up, but my backup drive failed a while back and I never replaced it. With all my drawings usually saved to Dropbox, other than autosaves, it wasn’t urgent. Anyway, I managed to recover at least the pdf version of the schedules with Dropbox version history, so barring any changes, I can at least just re-import them back into my plan or layout file, just not editable. I’m close to the end of this project, so fingers crossed! I guess the lesson here is that I need to backup the backups! I’ll look into into replacing that external drive or backing up the autosaves to either Dropbox or iCloud.
  23. Nope. My manual saves are saved in Dropbox, but autosaves are just in my documents on my mac. I looked in Dropbox for the version history, but no luck.
  24. So I got hit by an unexpected power failure late this afternoon, just as I was finishing up a set of con docs... right in the middle of printing them. Once the power came back on, I turned my computer on and re-opened the file. At first glance, everything looked okay, minus a couple changes I had made right before the power went out. About 10-15 minutes into it, I realized a couple cad details are missing, including one with all the schedules I had worked on today, some of which were quite long and detailed since it's a commercial building. By that time, autosave had already written over the last autosave from before the outage a couple times (mine are set to 5 minutes). I usually do manual saves often-ish, but with the deadline I had today, I guess I didn't save the plan file all afternoon, just the layout file... is there any other autosaves or backups in a system folder somewhere that I could look for, other than in my Chief Data folder? Or am I SOL and better just fix myself a stiff drink and get back to re-drawing everything I lost?!