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I think what you are asking is not for how far below grade the footing needs to be but what size do you need to support the foundation and walls above if that is the case do what Michael said and contact a structural engineer because the loads will vary, I am fortunate to have my son as a structural engineer 

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I just joined the ICC (

I bought the 2018 IRC (binder & loose leaf) and the online subscription to 2015 IRC for a year.  If you have building questions, these are the folks that manage the International Code books.  Many cities, counties, and states often add supplemental code requirements to address local building conditions.  Like here my footings need to be only 12" below grade.  Some colder places typically include a basement under the house, since the footings have to go so deep anyway.


It's nice having the online access, I strongly recommend checking this option out.


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You absolutely need to hire an Engineer or an Architect - and maybe a Soils Engineer.  The loads applied by the structure can easily exceed the basic soil bearing capacity.   There are many things that have to be analyzed and there just isn't a simple answer to your question without knowing exactly what the structure is.

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