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  1. For that amount, send him a thank-you note for highlighting that your business and billing practices need to be improved. That's probably $500 worth of useful information right there. You've probably already collectively wasted $500 in time dealing with this issue.
  2. This is not exactly correct. If you don't initiate foreclosure proceedings within the statutory time period, then the lien becomes an unenforceable cloud on the title, which the holder statutorily can sue you to remove. If you want to be paid when/if the house is sold, then you need to file an abstract of judgment, after you get a judgment, of course.
  3. I have a side business in collecting civil judgments on a contingency basis. You have some good advice already: 1) Unless you know the lien laws for the state you're filing in, you may not be able to enforce it ultimately, and then you will be on the hook financially for removing the unenforceable "cloud" on the title. It could end up costing YOU. It will also be very expensive to enforce, assuming that a foreclosure is even possible in your client's state. 2) Small claims court is likely the best bet, assuming that the claim limitations are acceptable. Depending on how your agreement is written, you MIGHT be able to file the suit in your OWN jurisdiction. (I'd check with an attorney.) Then, you can "domesticate" the judgment to your client's state and do the garnishment there. A judgment is very powerful. You might be able to just levy a bank account, file a wage garnishment, have the sheriff levy property for an auction, and other fun stuff. A collection agency probably will just make annoying phone calls or write letters. This is something you can do yourself. 3) Change your business practices so you don't find yourself in this position again.
  4. Since the recent advent of multiple reference files in Chief, I don't think the difference (or benefit of AC) in this area is as great as it used to be. I would also consider that Chief has had essentially the same functionality as AC's Graphic Overrides for quite a bit longer than AC. Further, the wood framing features in CA far surpass anything that AC has or probably will ever have. Once X14 gets some of its beta issues ironed out, unless you are firm with multiple employees who need to work on the same project at the same time, I don't think the choice is so obvious anymore, at least if you are primarily residentially-based.
  5. When the public beta was released, it included a note about adjusting vertical text spacing in schedules. There has been a longtime problem where a number of common fonts would sit directly on the grid lines with no space, and these fonts now look perfect in schedules. So it seems they added some padding below the text to adjust how text sits in schedule cells, but maybe the fix has flowed over to other areas?
  6. It is. This is really the first version that I think would make me view Archicad as unnecessary. Linked callout labels in Layout is huge, as is resizable fractional dimensions. If I didn't already have Archicad, I don't think I'd miss that much.
  7. I am shocked that there isn't more enthusiasm being shown for what I think is one of the best version updates in a long time!
  8. 1) Change room height to 9' studs. 2) Change roof structure to match trusses. 3) Turn on truss layer in section view.
  9. You can do this however you want, but in general, architects are selling a LICENSE for one-time use of a plan. I personally don't have a problem with sending a client the floor plans, and even elevations, of a design because these are not reusable with the type of work that I do. It will have usual disclaimers, of course. However, if you "sell" the details, etc. then the purchaser likely has the right to reuse these to their heart's content, and you no longer have the legal right to reuse your own intellectual capital. Not good.
  10. Since the "L" key currently starts the line command, any command with starts with "L" will initiate the line command and additional letters are superfluous. You could change the Line command to "L,I" and then "L,A" will be acceptable.
  11. No, but I think this is a GREAT idea!
  12. I could guess. Designer info is stored in the preferences file, not in the plan/layout file. If you aren't syncing the preferences file, then it won't show up in Preferences.
  13. I recommend you make friends with Active Layer Display Options. (In the same vicinity as the Project & Library Browsers.) It will save you a bunch of time hunting down where things can be changed.
  14. I've been doing this for years, but X11, I believe, was the version where cloud syncing toolbars and libraries became officially available. See I personally like Dropbox, because it has had the the fastest syncing, which is important if you have a very large User Library. I also keep my project files in Dropbox, so that I just open the other computer and everything I've done is already there, including new library objects I've created.
  15. Appearances can be deceptive. There are at least two: one in the "Roof Attachments" Bonus Library, and one in the standard MEP Ventilation library. Search under "Eyebrow" (single word).
  16. Just draw a Polyline Solid in an elevation view.
  17. Figured it out. The appliance was incorrectly tagged as an "indoor fixture" rather than an "appliance" and therefore was not showing up on the appliance schedule.
  18. I'm pretty sure that Chief can schedule fixtures placed in cabinets as components, but the method for doing so is eluding me right now. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  19. This is getting way off topic, but I'll put a plug in here for Michael's custom macros. He put together a great tiered-fee pricing macro system for me, which I can highly recommend. I have been using a flat-fee system based on square footage that clients seem to like since it's very transparent. I usually do remodelings and additions, but some square footage is more complicated than others. (Kitchens and baths are more complicated than bedrooms, say.) His system lets you assign categories to your different types of square footages by room, and totals them up. You can assign a price to each category of room, of course.
  20. You will need to place the window treatment as an individual component from the library. You'll find them as Interiors>Accessories>Window Treatments.
  21. This can work well for office standard stuff. However, for reasons that I've never understood, you can't reliably copy and paste placed details from a CAD Detail residing in the layout file onto another layout. But somehow, if the CAD detail resides in a plan file you can.
  22. This can work okay, but there are a couple of issues that may make this slower: 1) The User Library does not store any scale information. If you use a variety of scales, say, 3"=1'-0" for trim details, 1"=1'-0" for structural, full scale for text, etc. every detail has to be scaled somehow as you place it, or immediately resized if you are placing directly on layout. Usually the best way if you want flexibility is to put each detail in its own CAD Detail with the correct scale and then send to layout. This takes more time. 2) One thing that slows down plans is excessive CAD data. You can build up a lot of CAD data quickly if you put these details into your main project file and then send to layout. Better is when you send your CAD Details to Layout from a separate "Warehouse" file, which is pretty much the same thing that Ed is doing, but by having them already placed on another layout, the copy/paste is much faster from that layout to another. I would love it if Chief incorporated a way to send details to layout from its library at a specific scale, but that feature isn't there yet.
  23. I'll trust you on that. I've burned up enough time experimenting with macros that I could have been long done with it.
  24. I'm trying to figure out the best way to document showing a plan checker the required glazing and ventilation areas for a habitable room, and demonstrating that the windows/doors meet that. A normal text box with macros is obvious for the requirements, but I'm wondering if there is a way to automate this relative to the window schedules. I can put a macro or value in the label (but then I lose the callout shape) or a custom object field, but no way I can find to total these within Chief. Just wondering if anyone has a creative solution.
  25. One of the MAJOR improvements in X12 was the ability to have more than one layout open at a time. Ed Koenig did a video of a VERY fast way to place details from a detail warehouse layout. The upgrade is worth it for this feature alone.