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  1. If everyone just used help files, then this site would one would interact. Where's the fun in that?
  2. I would leave your question as it might be useful in the future to someone. I always like to see the problem and solution in anything. Watching an expert make a mistake and then HOW they solve the best way for me to learn.
  3. I’ve never tried importing DWG to the layout file. I typically import it to a blank plan file and try to work with it there. Now you have me curious if I’ve been doing it wrong all these years
  4. Hey everyone, I am working with someone who is looking to purchase home designer to review / edit the model that I create in premiere (X14). Is there a bulleted list of sequential steps for me to take, on the premiere export side, so that I can create a file that the home designer user can interact with? I won't be importing anything from back from the edited home designer file....just using redlined PDFs to update my premiere original file(s). I would like to share an exported model so he can view / edit the plans and show the model (3D) to his team. My site search didn't turn up anything relevant. I must have not used correct search terms because the return is bad.
  5. Yeah.....they went back and forth (Builder - County) 2x8 plate, cost, ¾" void, 2x10 ripped. I just let them hash it out. In the end, the builder actually added a knee wall under the joists to the top of footer to ensure a solid system. All this to minimize the number of steps from garage into home.
  6. I share dwgs using Dropbox all the time without issue. I will check around and see if my recipients have had issues or not. Typically they just download the file and work on it in some 2D app that uses DWG/DXF
  7. We show tightline storm water drain from down spouts above the exterior perf foundation drain pipe. When I get to my computer I’ll upload what works here in WA state.
  8. Clockify or Toggl work really well and can track time outside of chief-specific work
  9. Lots of .stl files
  10. I work with a spec builder who wants flipped versions of plans all the time (-L or -R) in the file name. I get one model complete and then use the reverse plan tool without issue, then Save As to the correct name
  11. ….finding quite a few threads that are more Q & A. Is it even possible for the original posters to move their Question threads to Q & A? Tips & Techniques should be like going to Chief user Disneyland…lots to see and learn.
  12. I can frame this but I too am interested how to make chief do this. Great question. Smart chief users will be along soon...... I frame it like in the image using RPN and an HP50g to do the math.
  13. Confirmed. I have been bringing forward a modified Dan Baumann / Rene Rabbit hybrid plan template from X12 and X14, it has differences from pure X14. Thanks M.
  14. I will go back and investigate further. I tried the underscore version first and it did nothing. When I drilled down the macro tree, the other version was the only non-grayed out option.
  15. Mac might be different...... I had to use %ObjectProperties% to make it work. No underscore.
  16. Up vote / down vote drama. Crazy first world issues.
  17. I just opened your plan. Are you allowed to use 2x6 floor joists in your AO? Chief adds joists under parallel walls above.....just like written in the IRC.
  18. Do you have parallel walls on the floor above over the close joists?
  19. Here's a twist. The software is ALWAYS the property of chief and EULAs are in place for the user to use a copy of the software. We never really own the software. Many software agreements make this clear. My designs are always mine. Some builder can't resell my design to his builder buddy and cut me out......but it happens. We will get past this and move in directions that work best for each of us. It sucks when emotions get injected into situations where money or whiskey is also involved. Cheers
  20. Having full drone-like video over a doll house view would be awesome. That should be in the suggestion for X 15. You rock, Gene
  21. Wow......I would utterly fail. I was a framer for a couple decades and do not have professional electrician experience. In those cases, since I work mostly for builders, they hand off the plan to their electrical sub and they do those aspects under their master electrician license. Just imagining how I'd mess that up is sad and comical in my head.
  22. I don't have a problem with a subscription as much as Chief needs to STAY IN BUSINESS. No software company can survive with one sale per person. Once they reach market saturation, there's no more money for the business......until they create the next version. At some point, the dramatic advancements that would entice someone to buy an upgrade become smaller so the user stays with older versions and the software company goes away. I would even entertain a per project license so during long dry spells, I spend nothing, but when I'm on a task I can factor the software expense into the specific project. I have no idea how to implement something like that, but it seems discussion-worthy. I want Chief to succeed. I also want more versatile software with greater native integration with other apps and tools. I recently sold my Matterport Pro 2 because as-builts have slowed to a crawl and 800/yr to host scans on Matterports servers seems wasteful until I have more projects come in. We're all making decisions on how to navigate this volatile economy. Transparency is best all around. and...Merry Christmas
  23. It's a bit confusing......what is chief's long-term goal here? If you need more money to get more talented programmers, that's cool. Currently I pay $595 per year to maintain SSA. This includes the upgrade to the next additional cost. So essentially a $595 per year "subscription". (I have only used tech support maybe 8 times since X7 so I don't see SSA as anything more than a discounted next version requirement.) Now new chief users will face $2k per year subscription? When does that rate transition to everyone else paying $2K/year in subscription? I assume that's on the horizon to streamline revenue at some point. For now, are you "grandfathering" the SSA rate as long as people stay current? I better calendar that SSA payment....and NEVER miss it. $600 per year works much better for me than $2000 per year in this housing cool off. For $2K a year.......................................chief would really need to bring that amount of value to my business. Now you're in the range of other apps with broader industry usage. You'll be about $700 shy per year of Revit (which both of my preferred engineers keep pushing me to adopt) I wish y'all every success with the direction you take chief. Great team. Great software. I look forward to seeing where this all leads.