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  1. Thanks for this thread. My space mouse is amazing in sketch up......and "no joy" in chief. I'm remotivated to try again. Thanks
  2. Maybe you have room to start your stairs 1 tread back at the top. You'd be 1 riser lower at the platform that way. Also you could reduce your treads to 10" and you'd also gain a riser in 10 treads. What is your overall floor to floor height?
  3. You might have success contacting Mr. Larry Belk. He has a huge library of plans online and with online brokers (publishers) and is always helpful if he isn't swamped with work.
  4. I d/l'd your zipped plan and tried to help. Your model has all kinds of small issues. Then, when I went to 3D locked up my mac and crashed it to reboot. Someone else might be able to help.
  5. Lot's of big homes in the south have 10' first floor, 9' second. Furr downs are used quite often to make custom ceilings.
  6. Cheaper to set the regular floor truss high and furr down around the outside to create the boxed effect.
  7. In all my time framing, we made the rough opening the called size plus whatever vertical trim was being used to trim out the door so that the final finished rough opening was the actual door size. For example and 8–0 door was actually 8’-3” RO because we used a 2 x 8 to wrap the doors, thus making the final rough opening from finished surface, 8’-0” I’ve never made the framed rough opening the exact door size because then trimming out that opening would be wrong when looking at the garage door. is this how garage doors are framed in your region? It seems I learn something new every day.
  8. para-CAD


    can you open object on the wall you want to change and manually enter the angle you want?
  9. His screenshot is from a mac. No PBR (No Soup for you) yet for apple computers......c'mon Tim Cook
  10. Is 1970 angled cedar siding making a comeback?
  11. Chief has very helpful tech-support people who might be able to walk you through solving this problem for you.
  12. YESSS! You are using the same work flow as I am. Plan views and layout in Chief. Extremely complex and accurate details in Sketchup Pro with Medeek BIM or sometimes no extensions at all. Larry Belk pointed me in the direction of Nathaniel Wilkerson and Nick Sonders.
  13. Hey Cadwork22 I was in Pinedale last summer framing at 7300' elevation. That was fun So the way you want to build that winder will cause people to miss a step or 2 going down the stairs close to the turn side. I know much of WY doesn't require permits or code compliance, but stairs can make or break a house. When you create such a busy winder, it looks like stairs were an afterthought in the design. I hope you can rework your stairs into a single landing or maybe a split landing. Winders should go the way of the dinosaurs.
  14. Layout (.layout file) is like advanced Paper space in AutoCAD. Maybe more like a print / PDF sort and compile tool. Title blocks and standard text goes there. Model space (.plan file) is everything being drawn at 1:1 real-world size. For example, when you send a plan view to a layout sheet at ¼" per foot scale, 6" tall text in plan view becomes ⅛" tall text on the layout sheet. We use 4 ½" tall text most often for 3/32" tall text on the PDFs submitted for permit. Layout is pretty amazing to quickly configure your plan.
  15. Strange. If a disclaimer was initially warranted, it was to focus liability correctly. Yours is the first time I've heard of that. I guess you could consolidate all your disclaimers onto a general notes sheet (that no one will actually read)
  17. I have a 16" M1 Max running a Dell 43" 4k and a Dell 34" Ultrawide through the CalDigit TS4. I also connect many external USB drivess and GB ethernet in. The 43" is new enough to run on USB-C from the TS4. The ultra wide is Display port (also found in the TS4) No issues.
  18. Have your students work one summer as framers (framing carpenters). Their ability to understand what they are designing will be greatly increased. I'll take the survey now.
  19. That sure is a pain for your work. For people without photoshop, here's a PNG Critical error writing to the Chief Online Authorization Preference.ini file I wouldn't reset the computer as much as maybe log out and log in to your authorized copy of chief, or reinstall Chief first. Very smart folks will be along soon to help you get a resolution. Good luck.
  20. Are you looking for FREE or PAID? I have used different paid options, all are pretty good. Right now I switched from to paid zoom. Zoom is pretty sweet. AI does a transcript by name (like a script) and the time is unrestricted. I tried Google Meet a few times. It seems a bit clunky.
  21. I love when I use chief for typical/standard home designs. Super fast and accurate. But when I am working on some really complex projects, I quickly see the limits of what chief can actually do.......and out come the work arounds. I approach design as a former framing contractor and when someone says to create a second floor that is 1/16" tall to achieve some desired result, that kind of thinking is completely foreign to me. If I could wish for one thing for chief it would be to draw in the way the structure is actually framed. I make no $$$ providing 3D renders, since people come to me for plans for permit that work. I NEVER say...."the framers will figure it out on site." That's just lazy or incompetent designer talk. I feel your pain, like just the other day, I spent 2 ½ unbillable hours trying to get the model to reflect reality, but it just wouldn't. I then revert to straight 2D for those issues since the permit office only wants dimensioned 2D plan sets. Always I wish y'all the best in your design adventures. Even the petty down voters.