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  1. That;s a nice little nugget. Thanks
  2. Thanks Michael, great detective work. I see the border set at 30 which is what I want for borders. But why is the leader using that number?
  3. Thanks for looking at this. This plan file creates leaders at 30 with the line weight default unchecked. I have opened the leaders & checked default to get them to default line weight. Leaders I create come in at 30 with default unchecked. I can't figure out why. If you create a new leader is the default line weight checked?
  4. I Know How To Fix It, I want to know why it was created at an override line weight of 30?
  5. I have a plan attached that when I draw a leader Rich text the leader has an override line weight of 30. Can anyone tell me where the 30 line weight setting is coming from? Untitled
  6. No Gene, this is an infill lot, 5th Av. S. St Petersburg.
  7. Here is the slabs added with 1/2" overhang. Not sure if that is the finished look yet. For form & pour it may be easier to flush up the slab, no overhang, just stucco. Although I like the look of the overhang.
  8. Oh, so it was the entry spanning the rooms above that cause the error. The CC edge has always been an issue on porches. I just add a p-Solid for the edge display. Haven't found a way around this. Thanks for your time
  9. Can anyone tell me why the balcony floor shows a concrete edge over the entry room & not the side rooms? 18 mb file
  10. Messing about with this line type creator & thought I would share & see if it worked for anyone else. The DOT may be a bit large but give it a try. Wire Mesh LT.calibz
  11. I usually draw the fine details in autocad but today I thought I'd try to in Chief. It appears the Chief can not manage extra small dashes in line types. Or maybe I've missed a Linetype scale setting some where.
  12. Is that the expected/normal behavior? Yes, I was using the "Locate Wall" button from the framing view & that got me close.
  13. Creating a Header schedule I select one row & click the "Find Object in Plan" which takes me to the wall frame view instead of the plan view. Do I have a setting off or is this normal?
  14. FYI When you rotate a 3D solid in plan view the transform replicate command works as expected to move the object BUT the arrow keys do not move as expected. They remain orientated to the original position as created. Tech support confirmed the bug, and may be fixed in a future update.
  15. You are correct Joe. This is my reply to tech support after they confirmed the issue. Yes please report this issue. Seems short-sighted to allow "Call Outs", "Markers" & "Notes" to access the Room name but a ROOM "Wall Elevation Camera" to not allow access to a room name.
  16. Thanks Joe, but wanted the camera to pick up the room name it was in & the layout to display that room name in it's label. Once you type in the rooms name you do only have to alter it in one place, the room dbx. Is there a prefix to that would work in the camera NAME field?
  17. So a regular Call Out will pick up the Room name, see clip: But a Wall Elevation Camera will not pick up the room Name?
  18. Working on dinner so I'll pick this up later. What I was thinking is that the camera could pick up the room name from the room it was in. That could be used as the label of the layout created from that camera. This means only the room name need be changes to change the layout label name. later