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  1. Does anyone know any good resources or references to help me determine the footings needed to support the live and dead load of a structure? Please forward any suggestions.
  2. I was unsure of how to post things when I exported it from my plan view. I pasted a screen shot on Word. What is the best way to share CA files on this forum? Also attached is the picture of what I am trying to recreate. Thank you for your help. Screen Shot Heather Lane.docx
  3. I am having an issue creating this roof plane. I will attach a copy of the picture of the roof I am trying to recreate and a copy of my plan. Also, why do roof planes no share the same ridge, baseline, and facia even if the look level on my 3D view? I am having real problems with roof planes. I am missing the plane coming off of the gable and connecting to the plane attaching 90 degrees to cover the deck. I have tried to auto create the roof over the deck and that does not give me a suitable design. Tips on how to create that gable would be appreciated also. I was able to create I just think I used a convoluted process. Any help and tips would be appreciated. Also attached is a 3D view of what I have completed. Floor Plan.plan 3D view.dwg
  4. I was able to draw a floorplan up of my foundation. I did not realize that you build your foundation off of your first floor plan. That is the way that I was shown on the tutorial videos.Is there any way to make a floor plan your foundation and build up? I had drawn my basement first, It was drawn as my first floor. Is there a way to tell the software that it is my foundation?
  5. Any One With Suggestions: I just started working for a construction company, I am the drafter/estimator. I have never used Chief Architect before. Any tips or suggestions would be a great help. I am watching the tutorials. I have drawn a floor plan so far. From the tutorials I see there are a lot options and possibilities. I will start with something simple. Is there a way to trim a wall up to another wall? Anything anyone can help me with would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day.
  6. I am at a loss trying to figure out how to build a shed roof on an existing roof plane. any help would be greatly appreciated.