Section Views Are Bogging Down...Slow...Latest Version. Anyone else?


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I thought it was just this huge plan I was working on, so I started a new one, created a building section, added a couple of cad details from the library and the slowness started again..


I know Chief has never been cad detail friendly..I was hoping they'd fix that issue about 12 years ago, but still suffering the slow cad detail syndrome.  


In this case it's only a couple of details and when I delete them, it's still slow. Computer is a monster, but I can hear it bogging down something is weird.  I did a restart.  


Why would a couple of details create this issue.  Is there a way to simplify them.  I tried exploding and re-blocking, didn't do anything.


Thank you,




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My slow down occurs when I am toggling between sheets in LAYOUT.  If I go from a sheet with a floor plan to a sheet with a framing plan,  no worries,  but when I move on to a sheet with elevations or sections,  it always takes about 10-15 seconds for that sheet to show.

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Hi Barry

Same here


Only noticed it in the last couple of days, after program update. I came here today looking for solutions, but this may be a program issue.

The worst is after adjusting material definitions. the program hangs for about a minute  just over two minutes while apparently updating views or other data.

That's even when that material is only used in this one view.


Yes, moving between layout pages has also slowed down

Any clues?


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I found that closing the layout and working on the elevations directly from the plan (project browser) virtually eliminated the issue.

The plan is ~80MB and the Layout is 25 A3 pages with a total of 25 pages containing 7 plan views and 29 elevations.

I hope that helps someone find a cause, fix or workaround.

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Thank god I am not the only one experiencing this stupid cr@p.


It has been driving me nuts that I get these slow downs in certain situations involving elevations and layouts and section views etc.


It has been very frustrating to try and pin down.



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Right now is a GREAT time to report this stuff to tech support over and over again because X9 is in Beta and one of things every new release tries to include is speed increases and bug fixes.


Strange thing is I'm not experiencing any of those slow downs. I have other issues like slow to a crawl PDF's but there doesn't seem to be a fix.

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