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  1. AndyGump's post in Build floor joists on top of sole foundation mud sill was marked as the answer   
    Hi Alex, if I understand the question correctly then my answer is that Chief does it this way by default.
    You may need to set the default width of the sill before building the framing for the first floor first though.
  2. AndyGump's post in Hiring Chief Architect Drafter/Designer was marked as the answer   
    I am going to take a wild guess and say you guys are in...hmmm...the state of Washington.
    Do I win anything if I get it right?
    Second choice are  in the Los Angeles Calif. area in Sherman Oaks.
  3. AndyGump's post in first attemp at a contemporary home with CA was marked as the answer   
    That's what I am here for.
  4. AndyGump's post in 26'-0" Instead Of 26' was marked as the answer   
    Click "Trailing zeros" in the dimensions dialog box under the Primary Format tab
  5. AndyGump's post in X6 CAD. Rotate polyline to match angle of other CAD object was marked as the answer   
    If you double click the "parallel" tool you will get a dialog that will allow you to choose to rotate entire object.
    Perhaps that is what you are looking for Gene?
  6. AndyGump's post in Help with Cable Railing for Deck was marked as the answer   
    In the wall DBX, set the 'Rail Style' to "Panels" 
    then in the 'Newels/Balusters' specification under "Panels" click on the library button and navigate to the "Architectural/Fences/Cable and click the cable panel of your choice, (only two there).
    You should then have the cable fence you want.