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  1. Kelly_K

    x!@ - I mean X12 trusses jumping

    Yes, I have experienced this. I am also seeing trusses renumber oddly when editing in section. In the past, trusses would renumber plus 1 or the first unused number e.g. TR10 to TR11 now it is TR10 to TR48 which is bizarre since I only have 30 total.
  2. Kelly_K

    Stair Stringers

  3. Kelly_K

    Compass rose on the plans

    It is also a good idea to include the north arrow on the floor plan to help out those folks that produce a manual J for heat/cool load calcs.
  4. Kelly_K

    Modifying footing

    Yes I would welcome this, instead of clunky work around's like precisely breaking foundation walls to change a footing size for a point load.
  5. Kelly_K


    And don't forget you can save details in layout folders too. This can be useful for creating templates to eliminate work that repetitious.
  6. It isn't you I see that stuff (spikes, etc.) all the time. The truss tails most always end up with a plumb cut. I have made a suggestion for more control on plumb & square many years ago. Perhaps it is time to try again.
  7. Kelly_K

    X11 upgrade?

    'Tad' is being generous. I assume speed improvements will be forth coming so I am patiently/quietly awaiting. That said I'm very happy with the release, the marquee select similar tool is worth the price of admission on it's own. Like Perry I bring all my plans forward, why handicap yourself from the improvements each release provides. Stability hasn't been an issue for years.
  8. Kelly_K

    Anyone ONLY Accept Online Payments?

    I wondered when someone would point out the obvious. On the flip side we have a few building depts. here locally that don't charge a transaction fee for credit card purchase so at 12 to 15k, I really like piling up the points, and I would assume the same can be said for some of your customers.
  9. Back in the 70's when 2x decking floors were predominate we did install the mudsill and pour into that 2-1/2" slot, and it was a pain you couldn't be any drier than a 5" slump. Troweling the top of a foundation was not an issue - getting concrete spudded under the plate was another matter. I do not miss those days.
  10. Kelly_K

    perpendicular dimensioning

    Larry actually I did not, I have found perpendicular snapping required me to be zoomed in partly because I work with a high dpi setting on my mice so rather than fussing with getting a snap, I do just as I recommended. Also the way I do my plot plans I don't need a lot of perpendicular dim work. However, I will say you made it work pretty well coming off a corner a nice tip to remember definitely quicker than doing what I do now.
  11. Kelly_K

    perpendicular dimensioning

    Diane, What I do is draw in some short point to point dimension segments close to where you need them, use make parallel/perpendicular tool and then grab handle them into place.
  12. Kelly_K

    Economics of Chief Architect

    It is, and you are right it is called psychological pricing where odd prices slightly below whole numbers give the perception of a better deal. It appears there may be a cultural disconnect/bias that I am sure you didn't anticipate here.
  13. Kelly_K

    .PL1 files

    I believe version 8 or older will open the files - then re-save it forward.
  14. Kelly_K

    Electrical connection defaults?

    I wish there were. Do a search in suggestions you'll find a long list of people asking for improvements including myself. Pick a thread and add your name is what I would recommend.
  15. Kelly_K


    You can really override, by mapping a mouse button to delete. In my case I use my scroll button - move to left or click is delete, move to right is backspace.