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  1. Thank you so much for your time, Richoffan! I will attempt to edit this file now.
  2. I've attached the plan... THANK Y'ALL for your help. I remember lots of little bugs in my early C.A. program, like when creating roof dormers and site contours. I think this forum would have helped me alot, and I plan to use it in the future. I appreciate your help so much!!!! FederalAve.plan FederalAve.plan FederalAve.plan
  3. Okay, the folks at Chief Architect suggested doing this. Kudos to them... they gave me solution that didn't require a full software upgrade. I'm very impressed. I was a Chief Architect user for 10+ years. I'm semi-retired now, and I didn't really need to upgrade my CA software. I don't have strong commercial needs anymore, so I bought the Home Designer 2022 software instead of full commercial C.A. primarily so I can be my own client. I didn't realize there would be compatibility issues. Home Designer allows me to open my old C.A. files but does not allow me to work in them. Technical Support said I can fix this problem if the file can be opened in Chief Architect, R13 or earlier I think she said, and saved as a Home Designer file. I don't know where my UBS access "key" is to utilize my old C.A. software.. it's been a few years. I have a single file that I'm hoping someone can open and save as a Home Designer file. I confirmed that this is not against any laws or C.A. rules.This is my first use of this forum. I will check back later today, assuming it's not okay to put my contact info here. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Rich Kenney Granite Falls, Washington