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  1. Thanks Mark for your answer. It just seemed logical I could pull the exact cabinet, faucet and the shower spray out of a library and show them in a drawing. Hopfully sometime down the road with CA.
  2. Does this solve the criteria for posting?
  3. Hi CA Users, I have X9 and I am trying to import what I feel would be basic Manufacturer's libraries into CA. I do not have SSA and it seems that CA is blocking me from getting anymore library content than what came stock. I am doing more kitchen and Bath design and need the big players like Kohler, American Standard LG. GE. and on and on. I was a Merillat clicked the link and it took me to the CA Library page and basically said I had to have SSA to download their library? WTF? Really! Am I going about this all wrong? I have a handicap customer and I need ADA cabinets to choose from
  4. I should've clarified that the plan that opens should be a brand new plan from scratch and it has selected a plan I've already drawn as the default new file plan and I don't see a way around it
  5. Hi, I'm using X8 and when I go to open a new blank file it opens the same plan every time I need to find how to delete this plan from the new blank file tab, so I can start a new plan from scratch. Right now I'm having to delete everything on that plan to start from scratch but when I go to add another floor it wants to add a third floor to the existing plan. So it thinks I've already got a first and second floor when I have erased or deleted everything on the plan. This is very frustrating. So how do I simply open a brand new fresh blank plan?
  6. I live at the Beach. I have been using CA since about "95". Last version was vers. 8 and quite proficient. 2006 dropped out of const. and I am now back in it. I have upgraded to X8 and I am finding the upgraded version problematic as a lot of the features have a different way to go about using them. I sure would like a lesson with someone that can show me some of the current version's changes in how to do what I used to do in minutes and now what takes 5 times the time to do the same operation(s). If interested give me a call at 904-982-1855 Hal LRB Homes
  7. I would like some feed back…. on the last version I upgraded to was Version 8. I have been told I get no credit for an upgrade because of how old my last version is. So, I was told that the HD Pro has more features than the old version 8 and if thats true I can settle for that as I am proficient with it. Probably the most concern I would have is with completing roofs, layout and printing. Also I have Room Planner on my IPad and it is not like CA …. are there plans to make it more like CA? I want draw on the IPad in the field as easy as I do in the office. Then one more issue….I moved to a Ma
  8. That's a great idea or explanation and I don't mean to hijack this thread but would you happen to know how to make a wing wall. A wall that does not connect with another wall?
  9. Check scaling. It sounds like the original plan is in an architectural scale of say 1/4" =1' and your other plan might be and an engineer scale of 1 foot equals 100 feet.