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    New Plan come up as an existing plan

    I should've clarified that the plan that opens should be a brand new plan from scratch and it has selected a plan I've already drawn as the default new file plan and I don't see a way around it
  2. Hi, I'm using X8 and when I go to open a new blank file it opens the same plan every time I need to find how to delete this plan from the new blank file tab, so I can start a new plan from scratch. Right now I'm having to delete everything on that plan to start from scratch but when I go to add another floor it wants to add a third floor to the existing plan. So it thinks I've already got a first and second floor when I have erased or deleted everything on the plan. This is very frustrating. So how do I simply open a brand new fresh blank plan?
  3. halshomes

    Jacksonville Florida Users

    I live at the Beach. I have been using CA since about "95". Last version was vers. 8 and quite proficient. 2006 dropped out of const. and I am now back in it. I have upgraded to X8 and I am finding the upgraded version problematic as a lot of the features have a different way to go about using them. I sure would like a lesson with someone that can show me some of the current version's changes in how to do what I used to do in minutes and now what takes 5 times the time to do the same operation(s). If interested give me a call at 904-982-1855 Hal LRB Homes
  4. halshomes

    2015 For Mac

    I would like some feed back…. on the last version I upgraded to was Version 8. I have been told I get no credit for an upgrade because of how old my last version is. So, I was told that the HD Pro has more features than the old version 8 and if thats true I can settle for that as I am proficient with it. Probably the most concern I would have is with completing roofs, layout and printing. Also I have Room Planner on my IPad and it is not like CA …. are there plans to make it more like CA? I want draw on the IPad in the field as easy as I do in the office. Then one more issue….I moved to a Mac and is the HD Pro well tested to run on a mac? Any thoughts? Hal
  5. halshomes

    Adjust wall height

    That's a great idea or explanation and I don't mean to hijack this thread but would you happen to know how to make a wing wall. A wall that does not connect with another wall?
  6. halshomes

    Someone please help this is driving me crazy!

    Check scaling. It sounds like the original plan is in an architectural scale of say 1/4" =1' and your other plan might be and an engineer scale of 1 foot equals 100 feet.