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  1. Thanks Fellas. It worked
  2. I am trying to plot in 3D framing a brace @ about 45º in plan view, but also rising @ about 6º in elevation (or on the 'Z' coordinate plane). (The is in steel framing) I am using 'convert polyline' to a molding, but cannot raise the molding end height in an elevation view. (I don't normally draw structural steel in an architectural system, but hopefully, there is a method. Any ideas on how I might do this?
  3. I am creating a large curve portal beam. 27000mm radius. How to I increase the curve segments? The default has too long segments in the curve, which does not look curved. The view of the I beam should be a nice, curved bend rather than an octagonal... hexagonal etc stagger look.
  4. Can some help solve this? I want the window frame captured in the Room Elevation view. The window is positioned in the outer of the double wall system. This position is essential to the best practice for external window flashings. The window is displayed in the external elevation view but is on displayed in the internal room elevation view as shown below.. I have produced a double wall system. The wall frames are checked 'Frame through' in the Double Wall section of the Wall Specification box. as per the floor plan view. The design is an internal timber framed wall (90mm hatched) against the shed 150 steel purlins (150 grey) to create a double wall system. The window is position in the outer wall (or the grey section) which is automatically cut through the frame wall as shown below The room elevation view below is of the kitchen sink view, however the window frame is not showing because it is positioned in the outer wall. How do I get the room elevations to show the window? How do I resolve this?
  5. Amazing. So simple. Sometimes I feel like a Chief Guru then suddenly I am not!
  6. Below is a Tactile however I can't delete the centre crosshairs. The blue gridline are all the combined centre points which creates a set of grid. It is not helpful. How to get rid of the centre points? They are on the same layer as the circule.
  7. How do raise the eave soffit. As per the image below the soffit lining is hanging about 50mm below the barge.
  8. Somewhere I discovered a camera adjustment to lighten the background building elements of an elevation. This adjustment highlighted the foreground walls etc with a higher degree of boldness. I am not referring the jpeg background views, but walls and other building elements beyond a certain distance, which are lighter than the foreground in an elevation view. Can anyone tell me where I found this? Perhaps there is a video instruction is available.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good teaching video for understanding line weight and scale transfer to the layout page. I have always stayed with the preset CA standard. I think. Generally, my common line weight is 18 and my layout is scaled @ 1=1/50mm. I always get this error, but don't understand.
  10. Yes, Ok. I have done that. Thank you
  11. IS there a method in stair menu to produce angled riser as shown below. This method allows a 250mm going to actual achieve 275mm. Similar idea to treads overhanging 25mm, but cast-in concrete angled risers avoids the need additional tread installation. Any helps or ideas?
  12. I have created a symbol using the same method I did with CA X14, but now in CAX15 I am not given the option to size the object with the stretch values. Having create a symbol when I open it, the menu is more like a block menu rather than a symbol. Any helps, suggestions.
  13. I cannot use the casing option as the window are in a brick cavity and the casing sit proud of the wall in the plan view. This still leave the centre frame between the highlight awning incorrect at 100 wide; should be 50.