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  1. Reckon I will call this post resolved. Thanks for your info MarkMc. I got the updated driver last night, but to no avail. I could see the quadro driver listed, but greyed would turn on or be recognised the NVIDIA driver. Somehow, this morning, the RTX Quadro 3000 kicked in...with no help from Microsoft surface support, 1/2+ calls dropping out, transferred support calls from dept to dept etc. (at least it was only 1/2 hr...ish). Sometime I think these computers are living being...a good overnight sleep/rest...and they sort themselves out. Sometimes I wish they w
  2. attached is my screen shot.
  3. I have the RTX video card which is meant to be the correct one for the X13. I returned my laptop which only had the Quadro video card, knowing the X13 would require the RTXC upgrade. The attached screen shot displays a bit of odd pixel blemishes in the menu window and the error message states 'An internal rendering error has occurred and program will terminate.'..and it does. When I do this particular room change the error occurs every time, but on other rooms and views it occurs randomly I have tried with the laptop only and with the Docking station. Their is no different. The do
  4. I am experiencing frequent crashing on my X13 went make adjustments to the material selection. Sometimes changing the material happens ok and other time (frequently) the programme crashes. I am using Microsoft surface book 3, with the new required video card (). I have made the report and check the fault via the Chief website which didn't help. No doubt this is me, but any help would be appreciated. Rob White Loving all the upgrades!
  5. Brilliant. Thank you. Problem solved. Probably not brilliant just my lack skill.
  6. I often have a programme inconsistency which does not transfer selected light shaded lines, such as light grey, to a camera section detail. See my attached screenshot. I have set the fill (timber grain) to a light grey, but the view retains only black lines. I only know 2 ways to overcome this is open a new new plan file, but that is not an option when I have already produce a lot work and details; or converting the view to a 'CAD detail from view', but that is not helpful. Obviously when converted to a cad detail I lose all the auto 3D updates. This seems to occur when
  7. Thanks. Glennw response is where I thought the limit was and that is fine. I have the wire mesh material.
  8. Any suggestions as best to do a perforated mesh awning? I tried drawings a symbol, but 20,000 holes just about stalled my programme! I think my computer would shut down if I tried to create it in 3D with shadowing. Is there a premade symbol somewhere? I am hopeful of a material that would cast a reasonable but transparent shadow. Should I do something with heavy tinted glass to cast a transparent shadow? Any suggestion?
  9. Thanks. I am new to the term Nested Cad Block. Now that will help me sort it.
  10. Somehow in the passed of have created a 2D block and added it to my 3D symbol. In fact I did it successful last week. Below is the sample of the imported 3D symbol which only generates a vague sink outline. I want to add the more detailed 2D cad view on the right to the symbol. Below is the basin symbol I created last week, by adding a better detailed 2D view. The original basin symbol I imported only had a vague 2D plan view, until I edited it. As far as I am aware I used the method I described earlier to do this. Obviously not...or it not working this time
  11. I am trying to create a new sink symbol by adding a separate more detailed 2D block. However, my new 2D CAD Block is not listing the CAD Block Management file, so I cannot link it to the symbol. I have produced a new 2D cad block by selecting the CAD detail and then pressing the 'Make CAD Block' icon. The cad block has been created successfully and renamed appropriately. When I do this I understood the cad block is automatically generated into the Cad Block Management file. However my newly generated CAD block in not listed. I have also tried adding the cad block to the library, but thi
  12. Is there method to attached mouldings to follow the slope and perimeter of a raked ceiling?
  13. I'll take my previous post back. (Shame when it posted the deed is taking back, apart from retreating & exposing my great chief skill...or lack therefore). There seems to have been a delayed regeneration of the road 3D view. Something happened since making the initial post. The kerb hasn't disappeared but has ramped/ feathered to the connecting driveway. Not quite what I want, but with a little more manipulating I should get there.
  14. I have the 'Cut Kerb (or Curb) at driveway and Sidewalks' ticked on, but the kerb is not deleted where the driveway or sidewalk joins? Anyone know why?
  15. How do I raise the roof soffit? Under the Roof Plan Specification - Structure - I have boxed eave which should come at fascia level, but it is always lower. I have an air gap between the eaves soffit and the fascia.