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  1. Does anyone know a method of opening a rfa model/symbol file. I only use chief or sketchup. I am not able to purchase the Revit 3D program. Any short cuts? It is helplful I have attached the file. RFA-American-Standard-Cygnet-Semi-Inset-Basin-500mm-White.rfa
  2. Is there a method in Chief to draw a seamless corner sliding door (or window) system as for the attached photo?
  3. Has anyone managed to draw an asian style roof with a rising ridge as per the attached elevation sketch
  4. RobWhite

    colour eyedropper

    When I place the eyedropper on the alternative colour nothing happens
  5. RobWhite

    colour eyedropper

    When I fill an enclosed cad polyline I have a selection of colours with the alternative of using the eyedropper. However when I used the eyedropper to select an alternative colour nothing happens
  6. RobWhite

    colour eyedropper

    I used CAX12. My colour eyedropper is not working. Is that something I am missing on preferences or settings somewhere or is it a fault needing to redeemed by Chief?
  7. Does anyone know a drawing app for a tablet that uses the camera to plot walls in an existing house with reasonable site measurement capacity. Years ago my son showed me something on his apple tablets that seemed to do a reasonable job. He's not a drafty so it may not have been all that helpful.(My son can't remember!). That particular app was about 8-10 years ago, so I'm hopeful there has been better developments since. Maybe I'm a dreamer or just too hopeful, but it's there anything out there that anyone can recommend? By the way I wrote a request for chief users recommendations for the Microsoft surface book 3. Very helpful comments. I've since purchased it, thus the interest in the above. It's brilliant (1TB hard drive, 32bg RAM i7 etc; one machine brilliant as tablet; laptop or desktop) Any thought about the drawing app?
  8. RobWhite

    Surface book 3

    Wow, thanks fellas. Very helpful. I'll go back check the speces and try and make sense of it.
  9. RobWhite

    Surface book 3

    Can anyone tell me how surface book 3, (32 ram, i7 1 Tb hard drive) performs with chief X12? A list of pros & cons helpful
  10. RobWhite

    Roof Vent - creating a symbol

    Thanks folks. Look like it is manually producing the vent in sketchup at the desired pitch and placing at the correct level. Not as automatic as I'd hoped but the same as I have been doing for the past few years. Placing the vent on the ridge is a lot simpler requiring only one symbol to suit all building. Position the vent on the run of the roof pitch requires a different symbol for every difference pitch. No big deal I am quite content with the overall automation of Chief
  11. RobWhite

    Roof Vent - creating a symbol

    I have created a roof vent which I want to convert to a symbol that sits on the roof. Hopefully the symbol will automatically follow the roof pitch. I have tried converting my object to an external fixture, exterior furnishing, millwork and Geometeric shape symbol in the hope that I get an option to place on the roof; but alas I cannot find such an option. I have a vague idea I was able to do this years ago on an earlier version. The product is an E-vent. I think this is only manufactured in Western Australia. see The company does not produce a 3D symbol, but I have made a reasonable replica. Generally the event it design for a ridge, as shown on the website and therefore positioned in a level plane, but when fixed on a skillon roof the vent length run follows the pitch. That is the standard 1500 long vent follows the run of the roof sheet. Can Chief produce such a symbol, that adjusts to the roof pitch?.
  12. RobWhite

    Centering Text

    I am aware there is the standard centering text horizontally, but it there a command to centre the text vertically This would be useful to the title block in layout. If my title block is full the text box is nicely proportioned, but the title block is a one line the proportion is out of whack. Am I miss a command already there...or is a method to overcome this??
  13. RobWhite

    Cornice to raking ceilings

    What is the best method to place cornice (crown mould) to a raking (sloping) ceiling?
  14. It seems X12, with in new 'Saved Plan View Control' system only applies to plan views and is not an option for cad details or camera elevations. This is a problem when is using the same cad detail for 2 or more different views. For example when viewing scale 1:10 is need to turn off the scale 1:50 text etc. I have turned on 'Active Layer Set Contol' tool in the cad detail to try overcome this, but this then over rides the previous view (different scale) of the same detail in the layout page. That is, my scale 1:10 also display the !50 texts and details. This was straight forward in X11 without the Saved Plan View Control. By the way I am enjoying the Saved Plan View Control has I get more familiar. It seems the best way to overcome this is to duplicate the cad detail (though duplicate is never efficient) or draw the cad detail in the plan view. Am I missing a control or method?? Any suggestion. I guess a training video will bring me up to speed with the change.
  15. RobWhite

    Drawing Revisions

    Is there a method to delete all the revisions in the layout pages and start again? It appears I need to delete the revision items on each page at a time. (I have 23-25 pages!!) I have a method of noting revisions alphabetical during the preliminary/tender stage and then displaying revisions numerical once a contract is entered into. This method allows to me to delete all revisions during the preliminary/tender stage, thus reducing confusion. I now want to delete all the alphabetic items and begin my contract revisions numerical. I have tried deleting the complete table and then re-entering a new revision table, but the programs automatically remembers the alphabetical list. Any clues? Rob White Chief X11