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  1. Hammer7


    Hello all, At a quick qlance as I look for a new system does anyone see any issues with this set up? Intel I7 - 8 core processor. 16 gb Ram Nvidia Gforce video card with 4 gb ram. XPS 8930 - Should I be looking at something else for being able to handle basic rendering?
  2. Is there an A-series catalogue for Anderson windows, I see the other series but no A-series listed?
  3. Hammer7

    finding doors

    I have a large house with a lot of doors. My door schedule has a door labeled D04,...I can't find door D04... did it get replaced when a new door schedule was created? How do I find it?
  4. Hammer7

    roof locked?

    I suspect you are correct, is there a way to unlock it? I just found this video
  5. Hammer7

    roof locked?

    I had some help creating a roof but I can select one of the planes now. Does anyone know why? it is the one connected to the one highlighted in this jpeg
  6. Hammer7


    My latest dilemma..... Why are the clapboard not generating on this wall?
  7. Hammer7

    Drive way carport and drive issues

    Following....I have a similar project coming up
  8. Hammer7

    Dialed in window schedule

    I'm searching on some insight with specific window manufacturers and window schedules. How to know when a stud pocket is appropriate? Details on alignment to doors? specific manufacturers CAD details? I want to create a window schedule built from the manufacturers specs? Are there any videos out there or a way to search the forums for this topic?
  9. Hammer7

    windows opaque why

    The glass keeps going back to white when I change camera views
  10. Hammer7

    windows opaque why

    Thank's Eric, I found the problem but not how it occurred
  11. Hammer7

    windows opaque why

    somehow I managed to do something to my window and they are opaque and I can't find where or how I did this? help?
  12. Hammer7

    correcting framing

    My display shows a wrench and that it is used but I'm not finding info on adding it in. I changed the beam setting to 10"x4 1/2" but not finding the handle on how to do that just yet....
  13. Hammer7

    correcting framing

    Can I delete my framing and change the defaults and then rebuild framing to match existing conditions. This renovation has an existing floor with lapped 2x8s over a tripled lumber beam in center, typ. It's the "deleting" part that I am looking for now.
  14. Has anyone come across this before? Can I have an open railed stair to a second floor shop space (no closet) above a garage without having to close in the stair to isolate the car space?
  15. Hammer7

    oval lites

    Window pros.....is there a reason my divided lites are not showing up in my oval window?