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  1. Hammer7

    Space planner - Rotating blocks/rooms?

    When in doubt save a copy as (EXPERIMENT 1) ...and try it
  2. Hammer7

    Gooseneck lamp

    Thanks Rob, I'm trying to find more info on exterior lighting and lighting blocks and I'm surprised by how little I can find.
  3. Hammer7

    Gooseneck lamp

    Thank you, I'm making it bigger now and looking for more
  4. Hammer7

    Gooseneck lamp

    I'm trying to find a gooseneck lamp with wide shade for over a garage door....does anyone know where to find this?
  5. Hammer7

    Door and window mulling

    No, none of it works yet, it seems as if there is a casing appearing horizontally at the floor running through the subfloor 25 Riverview dooor .pdf
  6. Hammer7

    Door and window mulling

    yes, it is a mulled unit, thank you!
  7. Hammer7

    Door and window mulling

    Thank you, but there is no 'Use Sill/Threshold' in the DBX that pops up.
  8. Hammer7

    Door and window mulling

    now I'm trying to get rid of this interior threashold ... 25 Riverview .pdf
  9. Hammer7

    Door and window mulling

    So simple but so helpful, thank you!
  10. Hammer7

    Door and window mulling

    I'm trying to mull these doors and windows properly. Is there a proper training video for this type of procedure?
  11. Hammer7

    Lost my toolbars

    I tried resetting and the toolbars have not returned!!? Why?
  12. Hammer7

    PBR Chief Based Renderings

    Great stuff, do you ever use it for exteriors?
  13. Does anyone know of a concrete bolt on stair detail source?
  14. Hammer7

    Interior Prairie Style door

    I can't find a catalogue item with a prairie style door....does anyone know where one can be found or created?
  15. Hammer7

    missing sill plate

    Thank you, Is there a way to show one as treated and one as KD fir?