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  1. Where are the exterior lighting catalogues? I'm only finding one in the online catalogues?
  2. Thank you, so simple yet so far away....
  3. Is this feature still working? I have not used it before and just tried it for the first time and I am unable to export my model. The selection is ghosted.
  4. Foundation step downs. Is there a sample of where to do this according to a site TOPO? Short segments vs. Long segments? How is this typically illustrated in plan view?
  5. Hammer7


    Beam material missing: What would cause the missing bottom portion of this beam to be missing in camera view at each end...? chunk missing.pdf
  6. Hammer7

    Screenshot (1684).png

    Love it! Love the icicles!
  7. This is an in-progress framing plan, the left side generated in the correct location, the redline clouds all justified to the inside of the mud/sill, .....why? framing.pdf
  8. Thank you Gene, I have not used that yet, that would be very helpful in certain circumstances.
  10. CA has produced a really good video on getting the framing just right. Does anyone have others to add for efficient editing to get framing as exact as possible?
  11. Why is a piece of frieze missing?
  12. My first floor deck posts are showing but not the second floor missing from the cloud detail. I think everything is turned on in working plan view....Why? ty
  13. Do you need stamped plans?