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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I have barely sat down at my desk all week as I have a couple builds finishing up right now. I am looking at all the suggestions and going to see what i can change settings wise, i'll come back and update!
  2. @HumbleChief and @joey_martin i just use the camera view - i like to keep it open while i'm editing the exterior in the plan, no Ray Trace. @robdyck i might have automatic framing on but i don't think i do - i'll check, i do not use automatic roofs. i'm not running hardly anything else on this computer as it's brand new and i've only transferred outlook, chief, and documents so far is this info helpful? Processor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900KF 3.20 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.8 GB usable) System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor nvidia geforce rtx 3090 desktop mode 3440 x 1440, 60 hz bit depth 8-bit THANK YOU FOR EACH OF YOUR RESPONSES! If i can provide any other info or you have any tips they are appreciated!
  3. Thank you Shane, at least I know it is not just me and I will check all of that! I was thinking this new 3090 would be like lightening, especially with the price tag, but nope
  4. Is everyone experiencing a slow program since 14? The program has gotten a bit slower / taxing on the computer since each update since 10 however 14 is becoming unbearable! Does anyone have any tips??!! I was running the software on a high end gaming laptop (i prefer a laptop so i can take it to jobsites) however i couldn't stand how slow 14 was so i had an IT professional build me a new desktop with a nvidia 3090, which has definitely improved the speed, BUT even with the 3090 when I have a 3D open and i'm editing in the program is takes several seconds to process and the 3D to update! I feel very inefficient. Any tips welcome and appreciated!
  5. Is the baseline not the bottom of the roof framing where it sits on the plate?
  6. A little embarrassed - i had baseline view turned off i was mistaking it for the wall line thinking they were lined up I have it turned on now - i set this particular one we are looking at right on the outside of my framing...and it has baseline at 120" but plate at 106 7/8" so I'm still lost
  7. Attaching part of the file. I closed Chief and zipped it - hopefully this works I usually draw my own roof planes as the auto roof usually gives ugly results lol - i gave it a try this time and it wasn't too bad - now i am going through and making it look how i want, adding gables etc. I did have to move a couple walls in to shrink the square footage for the client, so i have been working on going around the plan adjusting the roof planes back over the walls and checking the heights...chief help
  8. Yes, wall and room with 10' ceiling set Here is another - i want the plate height to be 16', room below ceiling set to 16'. The baseline is right over the wall - how is the baseline 192" and the plate 176 9/16" (that i cannot change )
  9. On some of my roof planes why does it not show the plate height? I'd like to lock the plate - that does not seem to be an option of all the things to lock and set i can't see why that is not one - but I at least need to know what it is - going off of my 3D image i can see it is definitely not the 11' I'm aiming for. Any tips?
  10. The more i try the worse it gets Vhampton, I started with that and thought it was going to work!...And then i tried doing it in 2 pieces to help with the connection on my adjoining gable...and got this When i went to join them it gave me this, but when i go to edit the crazy it acts like the crazy part isn't there...but the edits don't actually show. What. In. The. World.
  11. Ryan, uploading a zip file, file was too large. Eric, I'll give that method a shot, that's similar to a video i found on Chief but replicating it with the arch the other direction didn't look so good. I will try again! I was hoping I was missing an easier way somewhere! Chief
  12. Does anyone have a good tutorial on arched roofs? I have watched Chief's videos on curved roofs but the results I am getting are crazy - on the roof plan it shows a whole roof plane but in 3D I am missing a giant section of the roof and it has graciously given me a 2 story wall. When i attempted to join the curved plane to the plane above it chopped off part of my overhang (only in 3D), i can edit it but my edits don't actually show up...what in the world is going on?? I have attached some shots of the mess that is my arched roof and a snippet of the plan i saved as "chief help" . I'll take any advice! Thank You, Lauren X14 (freshly transferred over from 13) Alienware, Windows Chief Help.dwg
  13. Thank you everyone! I knew i had something messed up! I checked all the settings again and i had dropped the room 4in (what in the world!??) and i didn't have my brick ledge right in the wall defaults. Thanks for your help!