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  1. Thank you everyone! I knew i had something messed up! I checked all the settings again and i had dropped the room 4in (what in the world!??) and i didn't have my brick ledge right in the wall defaults. Thanks for your help!
  2. Does anyone have a monolithic slab tutorial? I know exactly what i want to build it is just not coming out right on the computer. I am doing something wrong and i need to get it fixed so i can get the plan to my foundation guy! If anyone has made a video on how to do a monolithic slab with interior beams please let me know! I feel like it should be simple but i'm clearly missing something! I thought i had it figured out this last time and then i realized two things - my cross beams are showing up inside in 3d view - they are too tall but i cannot find a setting for this, and i
  3. I went in and changed the appearance but it still shows some with solid lines and some dotted. So i know i have something going on. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. I am building a monolithic slab. I let chief build the perimiter and now i'm going through and adding additional beams. When i pull this long running beam all the way over to the right side it changes the appearance of the beams on the right side. When i open the object i can't find anything different in the gray beams and white beams. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to make it stop? I want all the beams to look the same. (Right side is master bed, bath, etc)
  5. Thank you for the video that was very helpful! Sorry I deleted too much and didn't give quite enough info. There is not a room on the second floor (in that area - there is a room over the garage), that dormer section is just for looks. I checked the default wall bottom height box and also did the tray the other way around it it worked, it let me extend the wall all the way out again! That's all i needed - i just couldn't get that dormer wall to extend all the way out. Sorry this plan is a bit of a mess, i am clearly not an architect but this plan has been modified so many times (client ke
  6. I deleted a bunch and zipped it. Thank you D plan
  7. How do I save it small enough to attach?
  8. If someone could offer a little advice I'd sure appreciate it! I have a dormer above this one story house i'm drawing (did not use dormer tools). When i added in a tray ceiling in the room below the dormer it erased part of my dormer wall! I cannot figure out how to get my whole wall
  9. Can someone please give me some advice on importing materials? I often cannot find a good brick color (lots of nice and realistic stone options in my Buechel catalog, but the brick options are severely lacking). So I often try to import a brick using an image but it never looks realistic. Can anyone give me some tips for importing brick?
  10. Thank you Eric! That was it, 2 of the walls had 'no room definition'. thanks!
  11. Can anyone offer some advice? I am trying to do a second floor over a garage. I drew it in manually instead of letting it duplicate the first floor into a second floor. My issue is it is not recognizing the second floor - I cannot select it to give it a label. When I open the build framing tab it's grayed out so I cannot select 'build subfloor' for 2 or 'build ceiling framing' for 2. Can someone point out where I might have gone wrong?
  12. Can someone explain to me what the brick calculation in the material list is actually listing? Is it the number of bricks?? For lap siding it says #ft (can someone also confirm this is linear feet?) but for brick it just gives a large number. If this is in fact listing the number of bricks can someone tell me how to change it to perhaps a square feet calculation? I need to note on this set of plans the percentages of lap siding and brick siding. Thank you in advance!