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  1. Thanks y'all! I ended up doing a mixture of Ryan and Erik's ideas, and it was pretty easy. In Floor plan of porch I drew a cad line through center of posts then used break tool on line, put the door in, and the posts stayed in place!
  2. Looking for help to see if it's possible to add a door to a screen porch railing wall without the posts moving. Obviously there has to be posts for the added door, but is there a way to keep the other posts on the railing wall from auto moving? I've ticked "retain wall framing", but does nothing, and the posts relocate themselves. How do I stop the posts from moving? Attached is the problem I'm having. The lower railing wall posts were aligned under the "attic wall" posts, but when I added the door, the lower railing wall posts moved.
  3. I've been having to do that, takes a minute. You delete the opening, then patch the wall back in, then insert a window. Was hoping for a better solution than that
  4. Hello everyone New to the Chief forum. I'll get right to it... I recently got magic plan for an iPad I have to easily do a floor plan when on site (Have always used pencil and 11x17 paper). It has it's ups and downs, but for the need to know dimensions (I shoot with laser, and it auto populates) it's been great and has cut my sketching time in half. I have learned that Magic Plan can export DXF files. I have been watching tutorials on YouTube, and have learned how to import DWF/DXF into Chief. Learned about layering and so forth. Here's the problem. When I import to chief and get all my ducks in a row, and layer all I can, chief won't recognize the cad windows when I go into perspective view. chief thinks they're all door openings in the wall when I Cad To Walls. How do I fix this? Using Chief x10. Thanks in advance.